Guide: How to purchase items from the PlayStation Store from another country

If you live in a country what does not have access to the PlayStation Store, or you simply wish to purchase content from another PlayStation Store, this guide will help you create a "virtual" credit card that can be used around the world.

This method has been tried and tested by purchasing content from the US PlayStation Store with a credit card from the UK.

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nanometric3811d ago

at long last I shall be able to purchase overpriced crap ^_^ /no sarcasm

pandabear3811d ago

This is great - I am in UK and have a US account and have wanted to download Rockband songs (not out in UK on PS3 til Sept) so I can go home and download some new songs :-)

Can someone tell me - is rockband downloaded songs available to all users on that ps3 or just the account that downloaded them?

tonsoffun3811d ago

I totally agree, Rockband DLC is in order tonight.

I think that it should be available for every user on the PS3: I downloaded the free track ages ago with my US account and it plays fine on my normal, UK account.

ThatArtGuy3811d ago

It's available to all users on that machine. I'm in Canada and have to use my US account to buy stuff. (Don't ask, long story.) But it does work for all accounts on the machine.

Gun_Senshi3811d ago

I know about this site and It did not work for me.

Dir_en_grey3811d ago

before that I just want to make sure that is safe and legit.

The article didn't mention if there will be a fee taken by entropay and how much, so: "Load an EntroPay Card from a personal credit or debit card 4.95%" and "Return money to a personal credit or debit card $6.00 / £3.00 / €4.50".

Isn't there a way to buy a pre-paid American Express credit card that also doesn't need your address?

Anyway, can't approve or report because this could be very valuable information but at the same time I've never heard of so could be dangerous? Anybody with experience care to provide the credibility of entropay?

SCThor3811d ago

I used it to buy Tekken Dark Resurrection, Super Stardust HD, COD4 map pack, and many other things.

Bazookajoe_833811d ago

Lets just hope it works for me...

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The story is too old to be commented.