Watch Dogs Review: Was the hype worth it? (The Gamer's Lounge)

Watch Dogs is a good game and it has some interesting features. The game has gotten a lot of great press and a lot of praise from reviewers and the game industry. Does this mean everyone should run out and buy the game? Does Watch Dogs change open world games forever? Is the hype behind the game too much or does it live up to the lofty expectations?

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WitWolfy1337d ago

No it wasn't, most repetitive game I've played so far this generation.

starchild1337d ago

Yeah right. You have to be joking. I've played lots of games that were more repetitive. For example, Infamous Second Son, which is a game I still like a lot, was much more repetitive than Watch Dogs. There was a lot more variety and different gameplay mechanics in Watch Dogs.

I liked Watch Dogs. This was a nice review.

WitWolfy1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Dude compared to what UBI made it out to be it still didn't live up to the hype. At least SS had awesome and likable characters.... Where WD's protagonist just felt too emo for me with barely any characteristics what so ever.

To each his own, I guess.

starchild1336d ago (Edited 1336d ago )

Aiden Pearce is emo? And Delsin Rowe isn't?'re a funny guy. I think you got that backwards.

Whether you liked the characters better in Infamous Second Son or not it's irrelevant to what we were talking about.

You acted like Watch Dogs is a horrible game and claimed it is the most repetitive games you have played. Unless you have played very few games I don't understand how that could be. Infamous Second Son, while a good game, is definitely much more limited and repetitive in its missions and activities than Watch Dogs. And I could name plenty of other examples as well.

skydragoonity1337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

Nah wasn't worth it, regretted buying watchdogs, i think its time developers start focusing on current gen hardware

miguelr231337d ago

9 out of 10? hell no 7 out of 10 at best

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