Short Pause Podcast #6: Gamescom; How "Exclusive" Is Rise Of The Tomb Raider? Destiny G.E. Sweeps

The Short Pause crew looks back on Gamescom 2014 and all it's happenings, including the megaton Microsoft dropped regarding its "exclusive" deal with Rise of the Tomb Raider. Also, the unveiling of the #ItsYourDestiny Sweepstakes, where one lucky listener will win a Destiny Ghost Edition for the PlayStation 4!

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ziggurcat1376d ago

how exclusive is TR? about 6 months.

ScorpiusX1376d ago

So exclusive that it allows time for this deal to be taking in the direction of the IP being bought .

HanzoHattori1375d ago

Microsoft would be better off getting games from the PC platform. The Xbox One OS is basicly the same as Windows 8 and the conversion wouldn't be that costly if I had to guess.
Just a suggestion for the MS execs who seem to still have their heads stuck up their *sses.