So That’s It? My Gaming Year Filled With Remasters And Sports Games?

SchollA from Console ControllUs - as in the console controls us writes:
We’re approaching the fourth quarter in gaming and I realized I don’t have any Triple A titles to look FORWARD to in what’s become the “push BACK” year.

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rodiabloalmeida1341d ago

Answer: Unfortunately, yes. And the bad part: people like it this way, specially new gen console owners, apparently.

MRMagoo1231340d ago

Or no, its not any ones fault that the author isnt interested in any of the amazing games coming this year that arent remasters, such as assassins creed and lbp3, they are limiting their own choices, I myself am paying off games every week because I have way too many to pick up at one go, and the only remaster I am picking up at the mo will be gta5.

Pisque1340d ago

It's sad that Sony fanboys were pleased that much a one year old remake. They contributed to kill the video game industry.

Funantic11340d ago

I could have waited on next gen. My warranty is almost expired and my consoles especially my PS4 (PSN name: BKaca - for those who doubt I have one) haven't even been turned on much at all.

Genesis51340d ago

Well if you have a Steam account too. You could still be playing catch up like I have been doing for the past year.

Heisenburger1339d ago

I'm all about that Dragon Age Inquisition, The Evil Within, Mordor, Destiny, a couple of indies, Advanced Warfare. There are more. Idk wtf you like if there aren't a couple of appealing titles there.

I have more than I can afford to buy this year.

Army_of_Darkness1339d ago

I confess, I'm guilty of buying these remastered editions LOL!

I bought the last of us, tomb raider DE, metro redux and soon GTA5. Only because I haven't played or purchased any of them on my PS3 yet, so it works out great for me cause I get to play all the superior ps4 editions :-)

I also got killzone SF and oh man, the multiplayer is sweeeet! runs so smooth at 60fps and it looks as sharp as 1080p to me(on my 55"LCD) so I don't see what the hate is all about?!

BattleAxe1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

It would seem to be impossible to actually have a rational debate with PS4 owners on this site. If you like any of the other systems, think there are any good games on the other systems or if you point out the obvious, as the author did in this article, you get nothing but disagrees.

Scientists should really study this phenomena, as there has never been such illogical brand loyalty with any kind of consumer product like this ever. It's very strange and it's also very scary how easily people can be swayed.

One simple and very obvious example would be how last generation Xbox 360 users were ridiculed for paying to play online, but now that the PS4 requires people to play purchased games online, PS4 owners think that paying to play online is great. We have clearly entered the twilight zone.

Spotie1339d ago

@BattleAxe: That would require you binging intelligent conversion to the table yourself. But, as that comment proves, your as full of fanboy BS as those you attack.

I've seen you, numerous times, downplay something Sony-related that someone else was interested in. You've even twisted this into some sort of Playstation fanboy problem, rather than the problem being the author has a decidedly narrow taste in games.

The problem with Xbox fanboys- feel free to count yourself along them- is that reality is something different for them, compared to what the rest of us see.

Or has most of the gaming world been easily swayed, and it's only the Xbox faithful who forgive anything Microsoft does with a happy "Think nothing of it!" that are hard to impress?

BattleAxe1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

@ Spotie

You should take a trip way back in my comment history before you make the presumption that I am somehow an Xbox fanboy. Personally, I'm not a fan of any console at all this generation.

I currently own two (2) PS3 consoles and my NES console from when I was a kid in the 80s. To me, this generation is a cash grab. There's no denying that the graphics on consoles have never been better and they're far more cutting edge than they ever have been, but that's where it ends for me.

If you take a step back and compare last generation to this new generation, and analyse what you got for your money back then, verses what you get these days as far as game content with full game releases on day one, and also free online play on PS2 and PS3, then there's no way you can cheerlead these new consoles. Not to mention the playback features that are lacking on the new consoles when compared to the PS3 in particular.

Gaming is not a cheep hobby anymore, and it's getting worse as time goes on.I decided to upgrade my PC from a GTX 260 to a GTX 780 for this new generation, because anyone who is thinking clearly can see that consoles are actually more expensive than PCs are over the course of a generation. The cost of the games are higher, and you have to pay a subscription on top of the high cost of the games.

My GTX 780 was a little more than the cost of an Xbox One, but I'll be paying pennies on the dollar for games on Steam and Origin when compared with consoles, and I won't be paying for a subscription to play the games online. It just baffles me to see how enthusiastic people are to pay more for everything. It also baffles me to see people get excited for loads of cell phone quality indie games and last gen remasters, while seeing fewer new AAA IPs than we saw during both the PS2 and PS3 eras.

The last reason I made a switch to PC this generation, was because I got burned with owning a library of digital downloads on PS3 without the ability to bring them over to the PS4. Heck in a way, everyone got burned with the lack of backwards compatibility this generation. Well switching to PC solves that problem for good, as backwards compatibility is ongoing. No matter how many console generations go by, I'll still be able to play my PC games on any PC at any time, which is an extremely valuable feature for me.

I should also mention, that this GTX 780 that I own, will probably last well into the WiiMe, PS5 and Xbox Two generation. The power performance from this graphics card is roughly twice that of the PS4. For me, it's all about value for money, backwards compatibility, longevity no subscriptions and power performance.

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Muzikguy1340d ago

What about LBP3, The Evil Within, and Destiny?!

Roccetarius1340d ago

Destiny is honestly not all that it's cracked up to be, and i'm not sure about The Evil Within anymore. Season Passes tend to leave a bad taste.

TRGMatt1339d ago

@Roccetarius - it isn't all it's cracked up to be? Dude you should go work at IGN or GameSpot! They haven't even played the full version and don't know what the entire game entails and yet YOU DO! I am jealous!

And also disappointed. From what I've played (the beta) Destiny is everything it's cracked up to be and MORE.

Muzikguy1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

I'll admit the season pass has me a bit bummed with that game, but I still want it! Horror games are my favorite... Next to good RPGs. The Destiny beta was a lot of fun IMO and I'm thinking about getting that game, not sure yet. LBP3 will make for some good times with the woman. Those 3 games and any others are more than enough for me. Busy life outside of games

3-4-51340d ago

Super Smash Brothers 3DS/Wii U , Captain Toad, Ac:Unity, Destiny, Forza Horizon 2, Fantasy Life, Azure Striker Gunvolt,...All still to release.
30 other games that aren't just remakes or sports games as well.

2014 is a solid year, but 2015 should potentially be much better.

cell9891339d ago

First world problems sigh

badz1491339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Seriously? "Filled with"? The author acts like there are only 10 games releasing this year and remastereds and sports games are like 7 out of 10 of them! Sure the remastereds are getting the spotlights because people like the author like to make a huge fuss about them like the publisher put a gun on their heads.

I don' share the same perspective as the author as I quite enjoy it this year and next year would be much better.

VforVideogames1339d ago

I don't have that problem with my XBOX ONE , sorry I turn to the dark side.

s45gr321339d ago

Great that's disappointing to hear

shammgod1339d ago Show
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HanzoHattori1340d ago

The first year of a any console's launch has never experienced a windfall of AAA games. Why on earth would anyone who claims to be a "gamer" whine about the lack of games in the first year? It's always been that way. Either except it and wait or sell you system and go back to your mobile phone.

jdiggitty1340d ago

100% agree.

Now make me a sword, please.

1339d ago
csreynolds1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

"My Gaming Year Filled With Remasters And Sports Games".


Currently, I own 12 PS4 games. Two are remasters (about to pick up a third, Metro Redux, because I've never played 2033 or Last Light), not one of them is a sports game. And the games I'm buying later this year? Three new IPs. How your year has been "filled" with remasters and sports games, I don't know. Sounds to me like you need to expand your gaming interests.

And enough about remasters already. People want them - that's why they're being made. Gamers were crying out for The Last of Us Remastered and a new-gen GTA V and the devs gave the thumbs up. Now everyone's whining. Um, what?

If you've got an issue with remasters, just. Don't. Buy. Them. These rants are getting really old now.

Ace_Pheonix1340d ago

You sir, deserve a bubble. Well said. I couldn't have said it better myself.

csreynolds1339d ago

Why thank you. *tips hat*

uth111340d ago

It isn't like these companies can just take wave a wand and make a new AAA game appear. It takes years to develop these, and they keep getting delayed for quality reasons.

Part of the reasons the remasters exist is to fill the gap.

If they didn't release the remasters at all, these people still wouldn't be happy. Instead they'll be complaining that there's 'nothing but indies'

cell9891339d ago

By the end of the year I'll have 3 remastereds: TLOS,TR,Metro

I'll have Destiny, BF4,Kz,UfC,Infamous SS,Advanced Warfare, Need for speed, and Assasins creed

I don't see why people complain smh

spacedelete1340d ago

with all these remastered games its going to really devalue PlayStation Now. its kind of ironic how developers were crying like little girls on how underpowered last gen consoles were but yet all we getting are remastered games.

funkybudda1340d ago

ah, another wannabe writer attempt at baiting for page clicks. EPIC FAIL.

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