Why Going Third Party Might Be Best for Nintendo

EndlessBacklog breaks down why Nintendo should consider going third party.

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iamnsuperman1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

I really don't think it is. Sure they can sell a lot of games with Mario and Pokemon but I think that is all they will be if they went Third Party. Instead of trying to sell consoles you have to try and sell more software sales which would mean a shift in focus to less variety that they already have now.

Even though I think Nintendo runs the risk of eventually becoming irrelevant if they don't fundamentally change their business model and approach to home consoles but I believe that irrelevancy would be sped up if they went third party (lets be honest Nintendo takes forever and a day developing their own software on their own platform how bad do you think it would be if they don't know the hardware).

Pisque1404d ago

With going only for first parties, they are banging their heads agaisnt the wall. 1st parties make only kids/nostalgic types of games, that do not attract new customers (which like mature games, unlike the Nintendo playing Joe).

Lightning Mr Bubbles1404d ago

Hehehe, the Wii fad is over. That's what they get.

Dante811404d ago

Do you only like mature games for mature gamers like yourself? /s

Lightning Mr Bubbles1403d ago

Not sure who you're talking to but...

I like mature games, I never said I was a mature gamer.

Do I sound mature to you?

GordonKnight1403d ago

@ Lighting Mr Bubbles

When you started your comment off with 'Hehehe' you lost all creditability of be mature. Then on top of that Lighting Mr Bubbles. What do you make your living as a clown?

Back on topic:

3rd party support would help Nintendo, but they don't need it like Microsoft & Sony need 3rd party games.

3-4-51403d ago

What is a mature game ?

define please.

Examples would be nice, with reasons why.

NintendoSonyfan1403d ago

1st parties only make kids games and nostalgic ones? And they don't attract new gamers? Dude you really have to get off that bandwagon of lies and see the real world.

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tylercolp1404d ago

It's an interesting idea, I'm just not sure how well it would turn out.

LOL_WUT1403d ago

They should at least offer their classic titles for mobile theres lots of money to be made there ;)

randomass1711403d ago

That would be like Sony putting Crash Warped on mobile. It would be terrible and it would take away from Sony hardware. :/

DualWielding1404d ago

What they need is to release a cheap $99.00 Nintendo box, drop pretenses, say here's the Nintendo box, its two generations behind hardware wise and will not have any third party games... but its a cheap secondary console for you to play Mario and other games you love.....

The problem with the Wii U is that is marketed and priced like if it was a real next gen console.

Theyellowflash301404d ago

That's probably the worst idea. And on top of that, the 2DS is alrealy like that.

kydrice1404d ago

That's a brilliant idea.....if they were in the business of going bankrupt...

Chrischi19881404d ago

And again, the price for biggest troll in the comments section goes to... DualWielding!!!

He had a rough start, but his ignorancy and lies, that only he himself would believe and some other trolls, is what made him stand out among even the biggest trolls. Congrats!

You probably dont even know, what consoles we had 2 gens ago. It is priced like a next gen console? In terms of power it is right inbetween PS3 and PS4 and in terms of price it is, too, so I dont know what you are talking about, other than to try to troll hard.

Tiqila1404d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

your gen is my gen

SonyPS41403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

Unfortunately for the "real" next gen, the lineup of games this whole year mostly consist of cross gen content and remasters. At least the Wii U is delivering what it should, NEW games, only for the new console.

Every single PS4 and Xbox One exclusive thus far is just good enough at best, but at least the graphics are so great and whatnot...

NintendoSonyfan1403d ago

Well by the definition of generation it is a next gen machine. And what you are describing is a system with the power of a PS2 and are you telling me you would spend $99 on a PS2 right now? And since it is $100 cheaper than the other next gen consoles, and you obviously don't consider the Wii U a real next gen system, then by your own description they are not marketing it as a real next gen system.

DualWielding1403d ago

I'm not trolling check that link that guy explains what I think Nintendo should do...

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Dahui1404d ago

That's past the point of no return. Short term gains, sure. Long term, definitely no. I don't think nintendo would make a very good 3rd party anyway.

wonderfulmonkeyman1404d ago (Edited 1404d ago )

A lot of Nintendo's games are evergreen titles that see success over a long period of time, and that's specifically because they're sticking to their own systems, where people who love and want those games can expect to find them when they're looking, instead of digging through a library of entirely different kinds of games to find just these specific ones.

On other systems, the long-term viability of their games, due to not being built to suit the tastes of those other systems' gamers and due to being buried by the many hundreds of other games that are built to suit the tastes of those other gamers, would be questionable at best, and outright non-existent at worst.

wonderfulmonkeyman1404d ago

The kinds of games Nintendo develops don't appeal to gamers on the other systems.
If they did, then third parties would be leaping at the chance to create and sell those kinds of games to PS4/XBOne owners already.[not to mention the fact that they're constantly bashing Mario, indicating they don't actually like it, or many of Nintendo's other core franchises.]

Nintendo would DIE, as a third party.
They need to keep to their own home consoles to give their games a platform that will be recognized as the place to go FOR those kinds of games, by gamers that like said kinds of games.

I swear, it's like Ubisoft saying they're backing off of Wii U was a trigger on a gun for all of these idiots that were waiting to spout more doom&gloom articles.

Nintendo has had three home consoles, if not more, at this point, that have survived despite a lack of third party multiplats.
They're not going to die out just because Ubisoft doesn't want to develop games that would actually interest Wii U gamers as much as PS4/XBone gamers.

If they stopped "offering steaks to vegans", and started making more games with Nintendo gamers in mind[like Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games did], they'd likely be capable of creating a long-running FRANCHISE game on Wii U, one that they could bank on to sell great into the next generation of Nintendo's systems as well.
Once that happened, they'd be able to devote one separate team to that specific game series on the Wii U, and make it sell practically forever, then they'd be making money hand-over-fist on all three consoles instead of just two.
They can't rely on multiplats to be their cash cows on Nintendo systems.
Until they realize that and change their strategy, they're better off sticking to making what's already selling for them on other systems.