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Submitted by jg4xchamp 541d ago | opinion piece

Why Going Third Party Might Be Best for Nintendo

EndlessBacklog breaks down why Nintendo should consider going third party. (3DS, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

iamnsuperman  +   541d ago
I really don't think it is. Sure they can sell a lot of games with Mario and Pokemon but I think that is all they will be if they went Third Party. Instead of trying to sell consoles you have to try and sell more software sales which would mean a shift in focus to less variety that they already have now.

Even though I think Nintendo runs the risk of eventually becoming irrelevant if they don't fundamentally change their business model and approach to home consoles but I believe that irrelevancy would be sped up if they went third party (lets be honest Nintendo takes forever and a day developing their own software on their own platform how bad do you think it would be if they don't know the hardware).
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Pisque  +   541d ago
With going only for first parties, they are banging their heads agaisnt the wall. 1st parties make only kids/nostalgic types of games, that do not attract new customers (which like mature games, unlike the Nintendo playing Joe).
Hehehe, the Wii fad is over. That's what they get.
Dante81  +   541d ago
Do you only like mature games for mature gamers like yourself? /s
Not sure who you're talking to but...

I like mature games, I never said I was a mature gamer.

Do I sound mature to you?
GordonKnight  +   541d ago
@ Lighting Mr Bubbles

When you started your comment off with 'Hehehe' you lost all creditability of be mature. Then on top of that Lighting Mr Bubbles. What do you make your living as a clown?

Back on topic:

3rd party support would help Nintendo, but they don't need it like Microsoft & Sony need 3rd party games.
3-4-5  +   541d ago
What is a mature game ?

define please.

Examples would be nice, with reasons why.
NintendoSonyfan  +   541d ago
1st parties only make kids games and nostalgic ones? And they don't attract new gamers? Dude you really have to get off that bandwagon of lies and see the real world.
tylercolp  +   541d ago
It's an interesting idea, I'm just not sure how well it would turn out.
LOL_WUT  +   541d ago
They should at least offer their classic titles for mobile theres lots of money to be made there ;)
randomass171  +   541d ago
That would be like Sony putting Crash Warped on mobile. It would be terrible and it would take away from Sony hardware. :/
DualWielding  +   541d ago
What they need is to release a cheap $99.00 Nintendo box, drop pretenses, say here's the Nintendo box, its two generations behind hardware wise and will not have any third party games... but its a cheap secondary console for you to play Mario and other games you love.....

The problem with the Wii U is that is marketed and priced like if it was a real next gen console.
Theyellowflash30  +   541d ago
That's probably the worst idea. And on top of that, the 2DS is alrealy like that.
bigbearsack  +   541d ago
That don't make sense.
kydrice  +   541d ago
That's a brilliant idea.....if they were in the business of going bankrupt...
Chrischi1988  +   541d ago
And again, the price for biggest troll in the comments section goes to... DualWielding!!!

He had a rough start, but his ignorancy and lies, that only he himself would believe and some other trolls, is what made him stand out among even the biggest trolls. Congrats!

You probably dont even know, what consoles we had 2 gens ago. It is priced like a next gen console? In terms of power it is right inbetween PS3 and PS4 and in terms of price it is, too, so I dont know what you are talking about, other than to try to troll hard.
Tiqila  +   541d ago
your gen is my gen
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SonyPS4  +   541d ago
Unfortunately for the "real" next gen, the lineup of games this whole year mostly consist of cross gen content and remasters. At least the Wii U is delivering what it should, NEW games, only for the new console.

Every single PS4 and Xbox One exclusive thus far is just good enough at best, but at least the graphics are so great and whatnot...
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NintendoSonyfan  +   541d ago
Well by the definition of generation it is a next gen machine. And what you are describing is a system with the power of a PS2 and are you telling me you would spend $99 on a PS2 right now? And since it is $100 cheaper than the other next gen consoles, and you obviously don't consider the Wii U a real next gen system, then by your own description they are not marketing it as a real next gen system.
DualWielding  +   540d ago
I'm not trolling check that link that guy explains what I think Nintendo should do...
Dahui  +   541d ago
That's past the point of no return. Short term gains, sure. Long term, definitely no. I don't think nintendo would make a very good 3rd party anyway.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   541d ago
A lot of Nintendo's games are evergreen titles that see success over a long period of time, and that's specifically because they're sticking to their own systems, where people who love and want those games can expect to find them when they're looking, instead of digging through a library of entirely different kinds of games to find just these specific ones.

On other systems, the long-term viability of their games, due to not being built to suit the tastes of those other systems' gamers and due to being buried by the many hundreds of other games that are built to suit the tastes of those other gamers, would be questionable at best, and outright non-existent at worst.
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   541d ago
The kinds of games Nintendo develops don't appeal to gamers on the other systems.
If they did, then third parties would be leaping at the chance to create and sell those kinds of games to PS4/XBOne owners already.[not to mention the fact that they're constantly bashing Mario, indicating they don't actually like it, or many of Nintendo's other core franchises.]

Nintendo would DIE, as a third party.
They need to keep to their own home consoles to give their games a platform that will be recognized as the place to go FOR those kinds of games, by gamers that like said kinds of games.

I swear, it's like Ubisoft saying they're backing off of Wii U was a trigger on a gun for all of these idiots that were waiting to spout more doom&gloom articles.

Nintendo has had three home consoles, if not more, at this point, that have survived despite a lack of third party multiplats.
They're not going to die out just because Ubisoft doesn't want to develop games that would actually interest Wii U gamers as much as PS4/XBone gamers.

If they stopped "offering steaks to vegans", and started making more games with Nintendo gamers in mind[like Shovel Knight developers Yacht Club Games did], they'd likely be capable of creating a long-running FRANCHISE game on Wii U, one that they could bank on to sell great into the next generation of Nintendo's systems as well.
Once that happened, they'd be able to devote one separate team to that specific game series on the Wii U, and make it sell practically forever, then they'd be making money hand-over-fist on all three consoles instead of just two.
They can't rely on multiplats to be their cash cows on Nintendo systems.
Until they realize that and change their strategy, they're better off sticking to making what's already selling for them on other systems.
Theyellowflash30  +   541d ago
Another no name writer, with a tired, old, rehashed topic. Regergitating the same bullshit over and over. Not giving you a click dude. YOU should as hell don't know what's good for Nintendo, lol

And let's just ignore the 3DS was the best selling gaming device in 2013.
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Ark_  +   541d ago
A bit harsh, but sums it up pretty much ...
Dunban67  +   541d ago
If you are saying that you did not read the article and yet you are being that critical of it, then you are showing a great deal of ignorance. Do yourself a favor and read the article - personally I don t think Nintendo should go third party , but if I ever change my mind it would be for the type reasons that were very well expressed in this article.

This is a very well written piece and well worth the read regardless of what you think you know - There are dozens of poorly written articles on N4G every day and very few well written articles so it is nice to see one like this every now and again
ape007  +   541d ago
i said it before, now the wii casuals are gone now and the 3rd parties/core are nowhere to be found, it's hard not to imagine going 3rd party a serious option(for consoles only)

or they will keep losing and losing and losing and eventually go bankrupt, yes it's nearly impossible imagining Mario on ps and xbox but what will they do????

i love nintendo games like we all do but I'll say it as it is, yes people nintendo is stuck between a rock and a hard place like i have never seen before in my entire life and im a huge nintendo fan (N64 is the greatest console everin my humble opinion

if nintendo doesn't take this seriously nextgen and deliver a system with convincing and strong 3rd party support, convincing online and convincing specs......they will go 3rd party 100%
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ChickeyCantor  +   541d ago
"it's hard not to imagine going 3rd party a serious option("

They make money off hardware as well. It's like you people have absolutely no clue how business works. It's not rocket science on the surface. Hardware + Software > just software.

"if nintendo doesn't take this seriously nextgen and deliver a system with convincing and strong 3rd party support, convincing online and convincing specs......they will go 3rd party 100%"

Talk about being a broken record. This was said last gen and the gen before that.
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Dunban67  +   541d ago
They are not making money on the Wii u hardware
ChickeyCantor  +   541d ago

They actually are now. And the 3DS is still making them money. Try again.
Chrischi1988  +   540d ago
They just started to make a profit with hardware sales. It is a common practice for console manufacturers, to sell their consoles at a loss, at least during release. I believe the PS3 was the biggest in that department, with around 22% loss per console sold, during release of course.
lunatic0001  +   541d ago
Its nintendo...they will never go third party...iwata even said they would rather let their franchises die along with Nintendo then to go third party...that's crazy but I can see Nintendo taking everything they own with them if they ever fall apart
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Chrischi1988  +   540d ago
I dont think that this is crazy, as going 3rd party would actually kill them faster in every way possible. I dont get why people are like that. What benefit would Nintendo have from going 3rd Party?

You know the funny part, only Nintendo haters, that want nintendo to fail miserably, act like it is a good choice for Nintendo, that alone should tell you enough, not to listen to these fools.
Summons75  +   541d ago | Well said
Except they never will....

Stop being so overly jealous you foolish bloggers. Nintendo is NOT in trouble, is nothing more wrong with the WiiU than there is the Ps4 or PC, Nintendo puts out great consoles and amazing games without selling out the fans for easy money. What on earth did they do to make you so upset? Consistently put out great games each generation that all gets great reviews? Did they listen to fans about the reception of the motion controls and go back to a normal controller than give more option to play games and free the tv so you can watch a movie or someone else can as well? Did they poke your mom at the 7/11 down the street and never called back? or did they buy you a puppy than kick it after you got attached to it?

Seriously I see all these smear campaigns from mediocre 'journalists' that have no credibility to their complaints. Clearly THEY know what is best for THEIR company, NOT you which is why you AREN'T running a multi-billion dollar company and they are.
ape007  +   541d ago
"Nintendo is NOT in trouble"


it amazes me how pure love and raw emotion can deceive even the smartest
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randomass171  +   541d ago
Wii U's hardware sales pace is roughly the same as XB1. Is that success for Wii U or failure for XB1?
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Summons75  +   541d ago
Please, Nintendo is at least still in the positive. Sony and MS are both heavily losing money on their games division, MS especially. Funny how one bad quarter equals doom when it's nintendo but Sony's game division president stepping down because of a biggest loss predication than Nintendo clearly means their perfectly fine.

Nintendo is in no trouble that they are close to shutting down or bowing out of the video game race, they've also clearly stated that if they do ever stop making consoles then they will stop making games completely so there is zero chance of them ever being 3rd party.
nunley33  +   541d ago
Nintendo aren't close at to doing this just because people see Sega having moderant success as one. Their DS & 3DS literally prints money for them and their handhelds have keep them afloat during lean years. Sure WiiU under performed but it's been selling good recently and even outsold XB1 for a month or two when mario kart came out. It will outsell xb1 again when smash bros. releases. Their Handheld and consoles would both both need to collapse for them to ever consider this, ain't happening.
desy64  +   541d ago
Yes, I agree. But also defending it over and over against dumb journalists/trolls might be tiring no? Nintendo fans love their products. Sony fans love their games and so on...let's just love and leave hate for others.

Nintendo is fine, of course it is. Apart from being VERY talented developers they're also a business. And in business, sometimes you win or loose. Their games, though...TOP NOTCH! Most of the times
TuxedoMoon  +   541d ago
I don't think there will be a time where nintendo becomes a 3rd party developer. If the future is netflix but with games, then Nintendo will eventually move to a service like that with their own domain filled with their own games. We may see a Nintendo service all over the place in the future, but not a Mario on a sony machine (playstation).

Personally, I'd like to always have a box with physical games...but certain companies are pushing more towards digital. Not looking forward to the possible non-physical/rental games only future.
uth11  +   541d ago
I am skeptical of the idea he claims that in the future all games will be streamed.

It remains to be seen if services such as playstation now really take off. And not everybody can get the bandwidth needed for streaming. And even if they do have the bandwidth to stream games, other factors can slow the network speeds at times and ruin the experience. Some people in more rural areas are dependent on satellite internet which just has too much latency for streaming, and always will.

So streaming will become part of the market, but I don't see it taking over the market anytime soon.
WeAreLegion  +   541d ago
I don't want Nintendo to go third party, but I've always dreamed of Sony and Nintendo working on games together. I would absolutely LOVE that! I know. I know. They had their chance before the PlayStation.
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Summons75  +   541d ago
It's not that they had their chance it's that they did but then they had differences so Sony made Playstation.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   541d ago
Well, Sony put a line in the contract about Sony getting ownership rights to any games made on the disk system add-on they were planning to do with Nintendo for the SNES.

That would have included Mario games, meaning Sony would have had access and ability to keep making Mario games so long as they were tied to that specific line of Mario games, if/when they broke away from Nintendo.[That's how I understand it, anyways. I'm not very knowledgeable in terms of contract negotiations regarding ownership rights, though, so if I'm wrong then someone please do tell me how.]

Nintendo saw the danger in that, after re-reading the contract, and broke the agreement off, instead going with Phillips, which didn't end well.

In the end, Nintendo made a choice between getting shot in the arm or in the face, and they chose the arm, because a temporary set-back for their disk-based-game plans would have been preferable to the instant death of their ability to keep Mario on his home console.
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gamerfan0909  +   541d ago
I've said for years Nintendo could never post a loss if they'd just abandon the console makret and simply became a third party publisher. I've been saying this for a decade now. It makes zero sense to keep fighting companies that are simply too far ahead of you both power wise and features wise. If Mario Kart was multiplatform that game would be at 15 million units sold right now. Without a doubt it would've doubled or even tripled whatever profit Nintendo made on the game. It's a better business model for them. Keep making handheld consoles and just make games on other consoles.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   541d ago
Wouldn't happen like that.

People who buy PS4 and XBone don't buy them for games like Mario.
Neither do people who purchase games on phones.

Nintendo wouldn't make any sort of long-term success out of going third party, so long as their games aren't seen as being on the same level as games like Uncharted by the fanbases of those systems.

You're delusional if you think the same people that are so looking forward to Sunset Overdrive, Forza, Need for Speed and all those other realistic racers, would pick Mario Kart over any of them within the same few months of release.

Nintendo needs to stick to where their best chance of sales are; on THEIR OWN SYSTEMS.
There's too much competition from third parties, and too little interest in Nintendo-like games from gamers, on other systems for Nintendo to profit from going third party.
NintendoSonyfan  +   541d ago
You've been saying this for a decade? You have been saying Nintendo should not try to compete with other hardware? So you were saying this for the entire lifespan of the WIi which was the most successful system last gen? You should not become a business analyst.
Also Mario Kart would sell more if it was on multiple systems. Guess what? Uncharted and Halo would also sell more if they were on other systems. And coincidentally GTA would sell less if it were only on one system. Crazy huh?
gamerfan0909  +   541d ago
" Wii U's hardware sales pace is roughly the same as XB1. Is that success for Wii U or failure for XB1?" Randomass you do know the Wiiu launched in late 2013 right? And the last sales figures for that was at 6.8 million in a year and half close to two year time span. Microsoft is doing almost 1.8 million less in nearly half the time on the market. So how are they selling at the same pace? Where are you getting this stuff from?
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   541d ago
What your excuse for X360 vs Wii then?
#13.1 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
BosSSyndrome  +   541d ago
Dude. Pace. As in on a weekly basis. the wii u is outselling xbone.
gamerfan0909  +   541d ago
Where are you getting these sales figures? Thin air?
#13.2.1 (Edited 541d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report
randomass171  +   541d ago
Actually VGChartz articles state Wii U is consistently selling in the same range as XB1. And VGChartz is known for blowing up XB1 and lowering PS4 numbers in their weekly reports. Even NPD says since Mario Kart came out wii U has been doing much better and it will only get better from here with Smash Bros and Zelda and Star Fox next year.
WizzroSupreme  +   541d ago
That thing with SEGA was sure a happily ever after...
josephayal  +   541d ago
I dont think it is a bad idea, Sega's doing it why not Nintendo?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   541d ago
Because Nintendo and Sega aren't catering to the same fanbases anymore.
The only thing even remotely Nintendo-like in feel and presentation, in Sega's recent games plans, is Sonic, and he hasn't been selling very well on most consoles lately regardless.

There are other reasons, but the basic one is; Nintendo games wouldn't sell well to gamers on other systems.
SonyPS4  +   541d ago
So fanboys can play the games on their console.
SpiralTear  +   541d ago
Nintendo's biggest strength right now is their exclusives. Going third-party would destroy that strength entirely.
mrbojingles  +   541d ago
Everyone who says Nintendo would make more money as a third party answer me this:
1) How do they replace the $ from selling hardware at a profit?

2) How do they replace the $ from giving Apple/Sony/MS/Google 30% of the revenue from their first party game sales. They'd only get 70% versus the 100% they get from selling their own games on their own systems.

3) How do they replace the $ they lose from being forced to sell cheap apps instead of $40-$60 games and how do you expect them to keep up the same quality with the same budget while lowering price? Free to play and pay to win?

4) What happens when the mobile gaming market crashes in 3-6 years? Won't that look short sighted on Nintendo's part for jumping in at the middle or near the end of the mobile gaming boom?
Dunban67  +   541d ago
You might want to read the article- it addresses many of your questions very directly
mrbojingles  +   539d ago
I did but I should have phrased my comment better as it made it sound like I was talking about the article and not the "Nintendo should go third party" movement in general. Sorry.
RSKnight  +   541d ago
Dude, read the article. But I have to admit your fourth question is a really good one.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   540d ago
Your "Intelligence", tho
I think you need more Bubbles.
Take my vote.

The only thing you post was missing was a clap of thunder at the end.

filchron  +   541d ago
before anyone compares to SEGA. Sega was making games that pushed graphics AND GAMEPLAY when the DC got discontinued. know.
voodoochild346  +   540d ago
You do know the gamecube was in the the same generation and was more powerful in every way compared to the dreamcast. The intelligence of the posters on this site...
filchron  +   540d ago
yeah my friend. online play says hello tho (something nintendo still doesnt have together almost 3 generations later). and mature games that arent RE4. have a nice day :)and the HDD and DVD add-ons that were going to come out. the ignorance of some posters..
voodoochild346  +   540d ago
@filcron the dreamcast had basic p2p that only a few games even used. The wii had the same thing but more games actually used it. It's hilarious that you bring up things that never came out in your argument.

I don't even have to list the amount "mature" games ( judging by the fact you use mature as some badge of honor shows your beta male status) the gamecube has. As great a the Dreamcast was, it failed because Sega's an idiotic company that makes bad decisions. The same decisions fanboys like yourself want Nintendo to make. Luckily Nintendo is smarter than that...
quantae06  +   541d ago
Nintendo would dig their own grave if they went 3rd party. I just wrote an entire article on here explaining why, but I felt it was to long to post lol. So, I'm just say this... The best thing Nintendo can do is buy out developers to add flare to what they already have.

Buying Capcom would be nice for them. Having Street Fighter & Marvel vs Capcom as exclusives. Buying Platinum or making them a 2nd party developer would help them. Platinum has talked about being a 2nd party Nintendo developer already. They need to also make sure these games launch with the next Nintendo console as exclusives to go along with Metroid, Mario, Xenoblade 3, Bayonetta 3, Smash, Scalebound 2(Wii U exclusive lol). Drop your console first again, but do it the right way this time. Market the heck out of it, and market it for everyone as always. But get rid of the cheesy commercials, get back to the real gaming commercials. Remember Get In or Get Out? Something along those lines.

Do this and make the console power a lot more powerful than xbox1 & ps4. Make sure the graphics are so good it can't be bullied in a year, ala Xbox 360 did against PS3. This will bring back alot of the hardcore. Plus, having the first next gen Madden & NBA 2k will bring back a lot of sports gamers also. Madden is a console exclusive so it'll definitely help.

Do all of these things 3rd party support will be better on your console next gen. I think the only reason why the Wii U is where it's at is because Nintendo got too comfortable with the sucess of the Wii. They tried to pull off a similar style of making their console, and it didn't work this time. I expect different style next console. I doubt they will do all of this, but it'll definitely be nice lol. But I do believe they may buy Capcom, and have a powerful console next gen. We'll see...

Still too long lol
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mii-gamer  +   541d ago
I read the whole thing, and yeah... to many assumptions. The author looks at currents and claims "this outcome" will definitely happen in the future, and therefore nintendo should go third party.

Basically, fear mongering with good intentions.
NintendoSonyfan  +   541d ago
Nintendo will never go third party but for those who, like the author; "refuses to touch a Nintendo machine but wants to play some of their games" have fun hoping. Hey I would never say SOny should go third party just so I could play their games on Wii U. I support any company I feel deserves my support. I'll even buy an Xbox One at some point for Project Spark.
theizzzeee  +   541d ago
Ennnn. Nintendo shouldn't go third party when a good percentage of their money is made on hardware? The difference this time around hardware costs were up and sales were down which negated profits until recently.

What I do think should happen is the big 3 should get together and make one console. The install base, shared development and advertising costs would make it well worth it. Not only making it easier on developers and the public.
LaserEyeKitty  +   540d ago
Want Nintendo games, get a Nintendo console.
Bytor  +   540d ago
I played Mario and Donky Kong on Atari and Colecovision before they should make an agreement for Sony first party studios to do ps4 and Wii U games.
GdaTyler  +   540d ago
People buy Nintendo systems for their timeless first-party exclusives. Going third-party will not be the best way going forward in my opinion...
CrowbaitBob  +   540d ago
"People buy Nintendo systems for their timeless first-party exclusives."

That just tells me that the only value to be found in a Nintendo hardware purchase is access to Nintendo's software.

So why do people not understand that gamers win if they can buy that amazing software without having to shell out money for a console that they have no other use for whatsoever.

I don't want to see Nintendo's quality falter, but I'd love to be able to play Nintendo games on a console that has more to offer than a select list of first party titles. If that ends up being a console designed and manufactured by Nintendo then so be it, but I don't see how it absolutely has to be.
truechainz  +   540d ago
The people who think that Nintendo games would be the same if they went 3rd party are pretty clueless. Nintendo is not gonna produce the same quality on hardware that is not built for their software. You would see games that are a shell of their current counterparts that would eventually fade into obscurity. Not to mention that Nintendo has been around the longest so you can't just assume that Nintendo workers who have a legacy of personal pride would even stick around to make games after losing prime control like that. You would likely not see half the staff stick around to make games for other consoles simply based on pride. Nintendo would be better off leaving gaming and entering a new entertainment industry than going 3rd party because that would lead to a quick death for them.
CrowbaitBob  +   540d ago
So you're a NIntendo fan and posit the following points:

1) Nintendo is incapable of developing outside their comfort zone.

2) Nintendo are a bunch of close-minded individuals that would pout and run if they didn't have a Nintendo branded brick running their games.

3) Moving to third-party would be some sort of failure or admission of defeat.

4) Nintendo developed films would be of a higher quality than any Nintendo game developed for a piece of hardware that wasn't developed by Nintendo themselves.

Nintendo are made up of some of the greatest game developers the world has ever seen. With all of the amazing third-party titles in existence today, how exactly can you believe that Nintendo's developers couldn't achieve the same quality regardless of the hardware they are developing for?
truechainz  +   540d ago
1) No they aren't incapable. They are actually only limited by creativity in the types of different games they could make.

2) If you have paid any attention into the way Nintendo runs over the past 3 decades, you would know that they prefer controlling their media. At some points to an alarming degree. Don't label it as close-minded because they are responsible for some of the best creativity this industry has seen. But they MUCH prefer to control that creativity. Just because your game developers are creative, doesn't mean that your management are willing to work with everyone.

3) Nintendo has been successful enough over the last century to make what they want how they want for the most part. So if all the sudden your consumer base indicated through sales that what you make wasn't good enough so you had to give up on an entire division of your product line would you not consider that a defeat? Because it sure as hell isn't a victory or even an adjustment to the times.

4)No I'm not saying they would be higher quality, but Nintendo would sure as hell prefer making movies(you are not thinking big enough by the way when you jump to thinking of movies) that they have full control over than making games they don't. They have been in multiple markets before making video games so it is foolish to think they would be limited to only making games if the environment was exactly how they wanted it to be.

You put to much focus on what they can do and not what they would. You do know a business is made up of HUMAN BEINGS who have pride and emotions and not robots that make experiences on a whim. Not to mention that we have 3 console makers in this industry and things already are bad and could be better in a number of ways. Taking one out of the equation would not make things better, and the Ouya will show that the barriers to entry are pretty tough in this industry.
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