Promises, Promises: Xbox 360

Gamecyte writes: "With today's news that Microsoft's Shane Kim and Phil Spencer have been promoted in the wake of marketing VP Jeff Bell's departure, Next-Gen has an interview with the two about the future of the Xbox 360. Spencer and Kim make some upbeat promises for the system - Gears of War 2 will be "huge." Fable 2 will be "huge." Surpassing the success of Halo 3 is just "another benchmark, another milestone to exceed in the future." It's far from unusual for game executives to talk up their consoles and software, but we at GameCyte got to thinking: How many grains of salt should we be taking these with? What sort of a track record do Microsoft and others have when it comes to delivering on their promises? In this, our first look at the promises - and results - surrounding our game systems, GameCyte takes a look back at what the Xbox 360 claimed it would do, and analyze where Microsoft execs have led us astray."

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Jack Meahoffer3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )


What happened to 2 HDMI ports both running native 1080p at 60fps? What happened to 4 Ethernet ports? What happened to Home? In game voice chat? What happened to full backward compatibility?


What happened to supporting third party developers? What happened to pushing hardcore games and well as casual games? What happened to pushing mature games? What happened to the Wii's online service?

I'm not trying to defend MS per se. I'm just saying calling out one company makes it sound like they somehow have the worst record. I try to be as unbiased as possible. I own all three consoles. I'd have to say Sony has the worst track record on promises this generation by far. Why else would there be articles every week on N4G saying "In game voice chat coming on this date" or "Home coming on this date". Why all the speculation?

Come on. At least make an attempt to be balanced. I guess balanced isn't what you people want on this site.... Hell half of you pray for your favorite console to "WIN" so there will only be one console. Short sighted and childish IMO.

Mr_Bun3838d ago

I agree with you...that is the long version of what I wanted to say

Shadow Flare3838d ago

Just for the record Jack Meoff, ps3 has had in-game voice chat for an age and a half. Get with the times

Exhaust3838d ago

So PS3 already lets you chat with friends playing a different game than you and not in the same lobby as you huh? Thats funny... Why would everyone be clamoring for in game XMB if this feature already existed for an "age and a half"?

Maybe you should get with the times or get some reading comprehension...

Shadow Flare3838d ago

In-game voice chat: the ability to talk to others in a game with a headset. That is something the ps3 has been able to do since it launched. What you're refering to is cross game messaging, either voice or text. Correct me if im wrong, but i think thats the correct termanology

DJ3838d ago

It's cross-game chatting that isn't in there yet.

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ry-guy3838d ago

I am sure the same type of article could be written up for the Playstation 3 and the Wii.

This is nothing new. Just a flamebait of an article.


tplarkin73838d ago

Yes. I said "liar". "Spring 2006 launch", "Dual HTDV support", etc.

Condoleezza Rice3838d ago

That what you're doing right now is considered to be 'damage control' ?

caffman3838d ago

is considered "trolling"

DJ3838d ago

3 Internet ports and 2 HDTV connections is a complete moron. Who has three different internet connections in their house, let alone two HDTVs sitting side by side?

Sony wanted a Spring 2006 launch, but the hardware wasn't ready. So they released it when it was ready. Microsoft did the opposite, and it's why the 360 has a 33% failure rate.

ArmrdChaos3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

And we have confirmed that the units rolling off the assembly line today have that same failure rate...correct?

Shame on MS for rushing it out but at least they did something about it as apposed to pretending the problem didn't exist (PS2 DVD drives?)

As stated before...this article can be re-written 2 more times about 2 other companies with just as much material.

The only ones I see doing damage control are the pro-Sony people in this thread piling on the MS faults without admitting to Sony's faults (100% backward compatibility?) True gamers would be discussing this as a problem with the industry...not on specific manufacturer. I guess the convenient answer will be "that's not what the article is about", but true gamers would see it as an opportunity to take the discussion above the usual pettiness. I guess that is too much to ask from most of the members of this site.

So...what's with the dogpile fanboys? Are you trying to convince others you made the "superior" choice or you just trying to convince yourselves?

thewhoopimen3837d ago

can you honestly say that the PS2 DVD drive problem ever reached the failure rate level that the xbo360 has? I don't believe so. Its well documented how prevalent the 3 rings problem is.

ArmrdChaos3837d ago

That's not the point. The fact remained that the PS2 DVD issue was substantial enough for people to complain about it and Sony (either because of ego or money) chose to pretend like the problem didn't exist. I wasn't about the argue about magnitude between the 2 incidents but just because the DVD issue may have existed it lesser quantities DOES NOT excuse Sony from what they did.

As I said before...this discussion should be about the WHOLE industry and not just one company. Obviously there are not too many who are emotionally mature enough to take the conversation to that level.

Just more of the "I am better than you are" crap.

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ravenguard883838d ago

It's about Microsoft, and in that case, all I can really say is that Microsoft has done a very good job keeping promises when it comes to the Xbox 360. They have adopted a "don't even mention it until it's almost done" kind of attitude 90% of the time that makes their lives much easier. No lies to tell or keep up with, just innovate or add to the services provided regularly because it's what people expect, want, and deserve.

tplarkin73838d ago

My point is the petty list of failed promises by MS is nothing compared to the bold-faced lies told by Sony. Sony knew that they would never be able to launch in Spring 2006. They also knew that the RSX could not output to dual HDTVs and maintain decent polycounts and textures. What about the KZ2 video that they said was real? etc., etc....

Robearboy3838d ago

The only promises i am interested in is the delivery of diverse and great games, which has been kept. The article is the work of spin doctors, i am sure that you could do the whole thing again, spin it again and make MS look like saints.

sak5003838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I agree 100%. 360 is games console foremost and they have been delivering great and diverse content since its launch consistently. Barring RROD and higher priced accessories there is nothing about 360 which is not great. Great online gameplay and features, XBlive, achievements, gamerscore, music list, friends etc not to mention superior multiplatform games, great exclusives, snatched exclusives etc etc. Been gaming new gen since Jan2006 and happy that i enjoyed 100s of hours on this platform and dint have to wait a year and a half after launch to get a decent AAA game.

Lets see them come up with the same article about Sony and see which company really duped its customers.

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