TalkingAboutGames Review: Roogoo

TalkingAboutGames writes: "I'm not even going to mention the cuteness factor in this one. Sure, it's present, and it's given a nice, playful hue. You play the cutest teddy bear on Teddy Bear Planet, who is attempting to get Lucky Charm-shaped meteors to fall to the earth, all the while being tormented by the dark prince of teddy bears and his sniveling but still cute horde. And whenever you get complete a task, the hero teddy bear flies by with rainbow exhaust. It's hella cute.

But I'm just going to pretend that the meteors are actually bullets that our hero, BloodDark, is trying to drive into the flesh of the many-tentacled Roogolaut. That way you can be sure it's not bias against kiddie stuff when I say that this game is kinda dumb."

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