TeamXbox: The Wheelman Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "In addition to being a bona fide movie star, Vin Diesel might be the first real video game star. He has not only lent his voice and likeness to The Wheelman and Chronicles of Riddick – essentially working as a full-fledged digital actor – but has been a crucial person behind the scenes with his own development house, Tigon studios.

Vin is at the center of Midway's new action driving game The Wheelman as the nominal character. Vin – or rather, you – is a contract getaway driver, making money as a mercenary driver. The game's action takes place mostly behind the wheel, but you will get out on foot and wield some heavy weaponry in the open-world environment.

Midway brought the game by our offices recently for us to get a real hands-on feel for the driving. Unfortunately we didn't get to do too much on-foot action other than running from one car to the next, but we got a pretty decent taste of what lies at The Wheelman's core: serious action packed driving."

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And after GTA4,they need to ugrade the graphics.the last vid Ive seen for this game looked like it was running a slightly more advanced game engine than the one on The Getaway. Thats stupid.also,the animations of the guy driving the car,dude.needs a overhaul