TeamXbox: NASCAR 09 Review

TeamXBox writes: "True Story: I was at a motorsports event last weekend, and two men nearly started to throw punches in the name of NASCAR.

Keep in mind that this event had nothing to do with stock-car racing or any type of wheel-to-wheel racing-it was a drag-racing event-but it brought the NASCAR fans out in droves.

The one spectator simply wanted to keep the sun off of his head with a Lowe's Racing Jimmie Johnson hat. The other gentleman had a problem with Chevys and Johnson's pretty-boy looks, and, therefore, an issue with the dude's head-gear. A fifteen-minute, yelling-and-screaming match ensued, barely drowned out by 2000 HP dragsters."

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Terry Tate3836d ago

I enjoyed that one a lot, my son and I played the hell out of it. I think I might pick this up. Jeff Gordon is the man!!