Titanfall Xbox One Bundle Discontinued

The $500 Xbox One Titanfall bundle that went on sale in March and included a system, Kinect camera, one-month Xbox Live Gold membership, and copy of Titanfall has been discontinued.

"Titanfall bundle is done," Xbox boss Phil Spencer said on Twitter to a fan who asked if Microsoft would offer the bundle without Kinect.

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mrpsychoticstalker1397d ago

More than half the Xbox One fanbase has this game. Makes sense to discontinue it. More exciting bundles coming this holiday, that 1TB Cod looks beautiful!!!!

XB1_PS41397d ago

Yeah that doesn't even matter though because most people who buy a bundle that comes with a console don't already have that console.

radler1397d ago

Well according to EA's official numbers they only shifted 990k copies of Titanfall

qwerty6761397d ago

@radler most were probably digital.

Kribwalker1397d ago


Those numbers you were talking about were fiscal year end, which was March 31. And USA only. Since then, titanfall has remained a top 20 game for almost 5 months. It also released on Xbox 360 after those numbers aswell

rainslacker1397d ago

Thought EA said it sold 3 million across 360/PC/X1. Actual number sold on a specific console was just speculation.

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Volkama1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

More than half the XBox One fanbase have Xbox One's as well. I'm not sure the Titanfall bundle particularly targetted people that already have the console, regardless of whether they already had Titanfall :)

Volkama1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

It's actually a bit of a shame it is discontinued, as it was imo the best value bundle this year. The Sunset Overdrive, FIFA and COD bundles all lack the kinect.

Kinect may be useless and smelly and whatever else, but it will retail at a pretty hefty price so for sheer value the Titanfall bundle was a good one.

badz1491397d ago

watch MS spin this off as "Xbox One TF Bundle Sold Out at retailers everywhere"! LOL

I kid I kid.

but honestly, this was the best bang for buck for those interested in the Xbone this early in its lifetime.

700p1397d ago

Exactly! So this shouldnt be a shocker. The best bundles of this generation is coming out soon.

FITgamer1397d ago

Yep the PS4 Destiny bundle. If we are looking at pre-orders.

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cruzngta1397d ago

Yes it does bro. I personally have the Ferris white SO Bundle preordered already. MS is doing a great job with Phil at the helm and I think the launch in the other territiories that is coming soon will help gain some ground as well as the great games coming out this year. Great time to be an XB1 owner.

DanielGearSolid1397d ago

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with liking xb1

But do u have to type like its a PR statement

Ripsta7th1397d ago

Why do Sony fans get to praise your system all day but when xbox gamers praise theirs it turns into a PR campaign?
I have stated many times im a PS gamer but always defend xbox gamers on this site because its ridiculous how much hate they get

SoapShoes1397d ago

Eh... I don't really know how great Phil is. He certainly has changed his attitude and put on good PR but he was a huge proponent of MS's original vision. He is just a politician in my eyes.

qwerty6761397d ago

quick everyone disagree with him

he said something positive about xbox.

hello121397d ago

I agree the bundle has no reason to exist now. Sunset Overdrive bundle, Cod Bundle and the Fifa bundle is it now.

jay21397d ago

So pissed that the Sunset bundle, that comes out here 3 days eariler's a 500gb hdd :@

Volkama1397d ago

Don't be. If you are a heavy user then you will probably want an external drive somewhere down the line anyway, if only for the sake of loading times.

LAWSON721397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I have to agree any gamer will run out of even just a TB in a couple years. IMO if you are buying the $500 1TB HDD only for that reason you might as well put that $100 towards a nice sized external HDD

RiPPn1397d ago

The new bundles have already almost fallen out of the Amazon top 100, so good chance the Titanfall bundle is just collecting dust, no reason to keep making it if it's not selling!