Nintendo Rants – Ubisoft: Don’t Support Us? Wii won’t support U

In the latest Nintendo Rants episode, Shawn has an issue with Ubisoft’s handling of the Wii U and their CEO’s comments on the platform, along with Ubisoft as whole on other platforms. This is yet another can’t miss episode, especially for fans feeling slighted by Ubisoft’s microtransactions and general lack of respect for Nintendo platforms.

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WalterWJR1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Nintendo should have banned these 3rd party companies making any games for the wii u and 3ds unless they support it 100%.

OrangePowerz1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Ubisoft supported the WiiU for quite some time with core games. If they don't sell why should they continue to make them and loose money constantly?

Nintendo with their bad record of 3rd party support and sales of core 3rd party games being low since many years now they are not in amy position to demand anything like that. It's not like 3rd party games don't sell since the WiiU, that started a long time ago.

iamnsuperman1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Ubisoft is the only company to support anything as soon as any product is out of the gate. Turing Ubisoft away shows how little their software sells since they still try when others give up (hell they showed a kinect game at E3 and they were the first come any to support the Wii U)

It is time for some people to face facts. Nintendo created this situation that drives third party publishers away.

I can tell why the game runs poorly or ports are bad on the Wii U. The software doesn't sell anyway. Why publishes something that barely sells. Something like Just Dance is easy to port and probably has lower production values than AC. This guy is ranting without thinking

wonderfulmonkeyman1338d ago

I'm sorry, but do you really consider bringing over games after delays, breaking exclusivity, neglecting basic DLC, and bad optimization resulting in framerate lag and other issues, to be actual SUPPORT?

There ARE third party games that have sold well on Wii U.
It's not the console's fault that people like Ubi don't know or care what kinds of games they should be making to attract the audience on the system, nor that they don't make all of their ports the equals of others in terms of content.

ChickeyCantor1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

"Nintendo created this situation that drives third party publishers away. "

uhuh. Delay Rayman. Shoddy and incomplete ports when the 360/PS3 get the full treatment.

Yeah "Nintendo created this situation". I'm sorry but third party developers have put absolutely no effort in supporting the WiiU. Games were already out on other consoles for ages or they flip the fingers with a delay ( ironically it still sold more on the WiiU )

But whatever. Im all up for indiedevelopers and any other third party game is going straight to my pc.

Chrischi19881337d ago (Edited 1337d ago )

What support did they show for the Wii U, other than ZombiU? I wonder, because even games like Rayman were delayed. These other so called games that were Ubi support were all a joke and non of you haters wouldve bought them under circumtances like that. so stop pretending.

We dont buy only Nintendo games, the thing is more like, Nintendo games are the only ones, which get full support and love by their creators, no gimping, no framerate issues, just a solid good ol' game without any further trouble. They try to get something out of the hardware. That is why.

Why dont you guys give me 2 turd party games, that were totally fine, I bet you cant, I will most likely instantly know what was wrong with it.

A late release will not sell. Watchdogs is pretty much doomed already, I wont buy it for $70, while I can get it on my PC for like $15. Hmm, why the hell wont it sell? One must be a fool not to understand simple stuff like this.

I myself, not talking for the Wii U community, do not care about Ubisoft, as I hated them already, for what they were doing with their PC Versions of their games, perfect example of a company that doesnt care and even try to try.

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DarthZoolu1338d ago

Blaming 3rd parties for bad ports shows a basic lack of understanding how software and hardware work in the gaming industry. They start with the more powerful platforms and work backwards because that's most cost and time effective. The ports aren't bad the hardware is bad. If Nintendo would listen to the developers that know the most about HD development they would have more support. But Nintendo refused to listen to anyone and even had to admit they didn't realize how hard it would be to develope HD games, they admitted that's why it's taken so long to release their major titles.

truechainz1338d ago

The fact that there are ports of games that run better on the wii u than their PS3/360 counterparts while still being available on PS4/X1 is proof that there is a reason to look at 3rd parties outside of Nintendo's hardware choices. Though I completely agree with you that Nintendo should be more open with realizing trends in hardware.

InTheLab1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

This situation is the exact opposite of what's going on with Sony. Instead of going out and asking what developers want, Nintendo made a console that just good enough for it's own first party titles which require very little effort to create in comparison to most AAA titles that wont be on the WiiU.

And to address the people that will surely tell you you're wrong about the ports and the poor hardware, google the numbers of all the hardcore titles on the WiiU and tell us why any 3rd party dev would bother creating content on the wiiU if WiiU gamers don't support hardcore games. Why should developers port over DLC for games that sell less than 200k? Why should they use the tablet when Nintendo themselves struggle to find uses for it outside of off screen play? Why must 3rd party market specifically for a platform when Sony and MS both pay for their own? When will you finally blame yourselves for blowing up Mario and burning Wonderful 101? When will you question why Nintendo made half a console, but expects 3rd party to bend over backwards to please them?

And it's laughable this idea of WiiU gamers not supporting Ubi. What are they gonna do....Super not support Ubi, instead of the usual not support Ubi?

I honestly don't expect any answers to the questions I posed. Just more excuses and that's ok. If you never criticize what you love, it will never improve. And that's especially the case for Nintendo who continue to lag behind the times....

wonderfulmonkeyman1338d ago

I'm sorry, what?
Are you actually APOLOGIZING for third parties that do things like the Wii U version of Sniper Elite V2?
Don't do that.
It isn't fair to blame Nintendo for poor efforts on the part of third parties.

Chrischi19881337d ago

Umm, the Xbox360 and PS3 versions were perfectly fine, you must be a ignorant troll to still think Wii U isnt much more powerful then they are.

Why should they make DLC for a game that doesnt sell? Well, how do you know, if a game doesnt sell, other than knowing your work is bad and no advertising has been done. Many games, like AC4 and CoD Ghost, did not get DLC and the Dev said so, before release, so it is not like it didnt sell and they thought, ok no DLC then.

Rayman is a good example of a game, that did well, because they actually tried for once and it wouldve done much better, if it didnt get delayed, as many know, that didnt help Ubi much.

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frezhblunts1337d ago

I agree with walter lol. It is hard for developers to port games to the wii u since it is a different format and you got to include the gamepad, still you wouldn't think companies would make seperate games for this platform? It is selling very well in japan and i dont think xbox one can touch it

DarthZoolu1338d ago

Their aren't nearly enough Nintendo diehards to effect Ubisoft sales in a major manor. That's why they aren't gonna make their major games for Wii U get it?

iamnsuperman1338d ago

Exactly. These people can not support Ubisoft but that isn't going to bring more third parties to their console. Nor is it really going to affect Ubisoft in any way. I am not sure what this guy is going g to really gain from this

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

wrong. Nintendo Seal of Quality.

mezati991338d ago

Ubisoft was most probably the kindest 3rd party company to even give a damn about the WiiU ...not buying their games will make the situation even worse

Dubaman1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

I don't really see how they have been the kindest of third party publishers when ACIII was a pretty lousy port, they delayed a once WiiU exclusive(Rayman)then ported it to other consoles. They have delayed Watch Dogs by months and though they say it was to give each version the time they needed to be perfect, i'd bet it's because they didn't want to compete with Mario Kart 8 head on.
ZombiU on the other hand is a great game and deserves more recognition and sales. Though saying they were disappointed that a brand new IP, at launch and exclusive to WiiU, while itself being a niche game and a year before release was a completely different game and then turned into a zombie game. 600,000+ physical copies sold is a pretty good number all things considered.
They cancelled Ghost Recon Online, made no mention of The Division coming to WiiU at all and that was over a year ago since it was revealed.
A lot of what Ubisoft have done is talk about support and though they have released games for the system, i wouldn't say they were particularly good ports and others agree. Playable, yes. Optimised, no, with the exception of Rayman which had a year or two head start before it was ported to everything else.
Ubisoft are a great publisher with some great IP's; I would have loved Splinter Cell even more with its actually useful integration of the gamepad but it had frame drops like a mother humper and the occasional crash. Saying they did everything they could or were the kindest of third parties isn't saying much.
Of course they will be missed as they have some great IP's but they should at least answer some questions before they start telling people what they like and don't like.

AtariFanboy1338d ago

Well for one they actually released games on the Wii U. That's what nintendo fans have to get over, Wii U will always have shitty 3rd party support. When a company ports a game, yes might not be the best, but at least they got it. Instead fans complain and bash the company and this drives them away. Nintendo fans make enemies out of the only 3rd party support nintendo has. And to expect next gen games like The Division to come out on the Wii U is making it worst because you know The Wii U can't handle that.

Dubaman1338d ago

I don't see how it's making enemies with 3rd parties when people complain about the quality of their work. Look at the palava with Watch Dogs release and that was because the game didn't LOOK the same as it was portrayed as. I'm saying i'm not happy with how some of their games PLAY. Thinking about it, the PC version of Watch Dogs ran like, well, a dog's dinner on PC too.
If a developer is willing to make games for multiple platforms then it should listen to fanbases of those platforms when they express genuine concern over the quality of it's product.

I really don't see why companies are saying that they will wait for the WiiU fanbase to grow before putting any games on the system, yet they throw everything they have at the XOne and PS4 before they were even released.

AtariFanboy1338d ago

Maybe I word it wrong. My main point is that Nintendo fans should be happy that Ubi is even releasing games on the Wii U, or used to release games. Yes they are crappy versions compared to the other system and i agree they should do a better job, but when it comes to 3rd parties they don't have much choice. Instead of complaining about enjoy it because as shown it obviously won't last long. I agree with about the X1 and PS4, but I think the biggest factor is that they know their fan bases will grow with time, where the Wii U is uncertain. The Wii U sales only increase when a major game comes out. Recently it was Mario Kart and the only other two I can think of is Smash and Zelda. And even so most Wii U owners, I can only assume also has a Microsoft or Sony system. So even is a multiplat were to come out they would get it for those.

Dubaman1338d ago

"My main point is that Nintendo fans should be happy that Ubi is even releasing games on the Wii U, or used to release games. Yes they are crappy versions compared to the other system and i agree they should do a better job, but when it comes to 3rd parties they don't have much choice. Instead of complaining about enjoy it "

Why? Would XOne or PS4 fans do that if it was happening to them? Why should WiiU owners Just sit here and graciously accept the scraps that Ubisoft decides they deserve?

How do "they know" that XOne's and PS4's fanbase's would grow before they were even released, to the extent to guarantee all future releases for those systems, yet not the WiiU?

"The Wii U sales only increase when a major game comes out". But flipping that, look at the other systems, in particular the PS4, they have high sales yet have little current compelling content. The WiiU has great content available and is the cheapest of all consoles. I don't know why it's not selling but any system that has big exclusives, such as Mario Kart 8, you will see huge sales leaps. Hyrule Warriors is doing better than people thought it would do and it seems as though that the enthusiasm for it will carry over to the West. So who knows how big of an impact it could have. Then there is Bayonetta 2 which, if going by the rage of it's announcement being a WiiU exclusive is anything to go by, should get some sales and even make the odd Nintendo hater turn and have a look at buying one. You yourself think that everyone with a WiiU already has a PS4 or XOne, so going by the numbers, more PS4 and XOne fans don't have a WiiU. Games like Bayo 2, Xenoblade, Zelda, Smash even something like Mario Maker could all be system sellers. You put them all plus everything else that has come out and yet to be shown, together available on a single platform, it will get sales.

This gen i'm playing mainly WiiU and PC, so Ubisoft has pissed me off royally, with it's dodgy ports.

AtariFanboy1338d ago

The thing is it's not happening on the PS4. Some might say the X1, but they don't complain. You can't use the argument of what if, because the reality is, it's not happening to the other 2 systems. The Wii U is the only system in this position.

They know the X1 and PS4 fan base will grow becuase it's common sense. The X1 and the PS4 are the only systems to play 3rd party games when the industry goes full on next gen. Look at Ubi, Unity, Rainbow Six, The Division. All next gen, people will buy them when there is no where else to play them. Yes Nintendo got exclusives, great exclusives, but the general public don't play Mario or Zelda, they want Call of Duty, Destiny and so on.

And your final argument is stated before, the general public don't know those games. Bayo 2 and Xenoblade are only games that hardcore Nintendo fans would know about. The majority of people who play video games want to play what hip, thats the mainstream games only on next gen consoles. People are buying X1s and PS4s because they know they will get another good 5-6 years of games on it. Not saying it will, but the Wii U seems like its going on the same path as the Wii. Start of well the fizzle out because the difference between the consoles are too great.

This is my last bubble so i must saying this was very enjoyable.

Chrischi19881337d ago

If I get shit instead of nothing, I gladly chose nothing and so did most Wii U owners, who dont like to get screwed over.

A good example is the PC, PC gamers are sick and tired of Ubisofts bad ports. Yes, bad port happen from Ubisoft, on the strongest plattform of them all, so much, that many PC gamers completely boycott Ubisoft. So this thing is not exclusive to the Wii U.

And acting like things like that are not a valid point, because it doesnt happen to me and my console is the most egotist and ignorant thing I have ever heard, good thing that many dont think that way, think about what world we would live in right now.

But whatever, pretend like you wouldve bought them anyway, for 2-3x as much and lots of issues. And it is hilarious, that you think the Wii U couldnt handle a game like Destiny. The Wii could handle CoD Black Ops. The PS3 and Xbox360 could handle Crysis 3, just like the Wii U could. Crysis 3 is a perfect example of why consoles are great, because they optimize the games for it. You could play Crysis 3 on Xbox360, its graphics settings were lower than the lowest possible setting on the PC, but they optimized it and made it playable, how ignorant must one be to think that this is not possible on Wii U.

rextraordinaire1338d ago

That's... a lame pun in the title.

3-4-51338d ago

* 3rd Party Dev's blame Wii U & Nintendo because it's the easy thing to do. They are lazy.

* They want everything all set up for them perfect, so they can THEN reap the benefits, but they don't want to have to be one of the first on the " front line".

They want the "war" to already be won, so they don't have any resistance once their game releases.

Weird analogy but, but kind of fits.

It's like 3rd party dev's don't understand the REAL reason their games aren't selling on Wii U, is because they don't exist on the Wii U.

It would be like asking ONLY SONY to carry the PS4, and then 2 years later THEN we will make games for it.

It's pathetic really and most likely a decision made by a "money guy", who knows nothing of actual gaming.

* Pro controller is legit, so is the gamepad, it just needs more games to play, and Nintendo can't make all of them.

They are already responsible for all the 9/10 games on there + Super Smash & Captain Toad & Legend of Zelda & Fire Emblem on the way.

Not sure what 3rd Party dev's can use as an excuse now.

We are on to your shady RUSE Dev's. YOU guys need to be the ones earning our respect.

Don't act like you are entitled to our money and sales.

DragonKnight1338d ago

The difference between Sony and Nintendo is that Sony was talking to devs when making the PS4, they try to foster relationships with devs along with marketing their own console in an efficient and effective way.

Nintendo has all of their collective heads up their collective behinds and are insistent that they are right and everyone else is wrong.

Look how long it took for them to admit that the name Wii U was a bad idea.

The Wii U's lack of 3rd party titles is NINTENDO's fault. 3rd party developers like money, and want to make as much as possible but Nintendo made it damn near impossible for them to do so on the Wii U. What with Nintendo not understanding the casual market's fickleness and believing they could underpower their console and just coast on the fluke that was the Wii for another gen, the casual market moved on and core gamers didn't want another casual shovelware console.

Then there's the incredibly slow releases of Nintendo's own first party titles that could entice gamers to actually want a Wii U, thus signalling 3rd party devs that the Wii U has an interest that they can capitalize on. It took Nintendo way too long to get their own good games out. Nintendo came out first and because of that they had to suffer through the problems that Microsoft and Sony are having earlier and completely alone. That being that they were unprepared for a new gen, half-assed their early development in the hopes that 3rd party devs would pick up the slack, and were met with failure.

Microsoft and Sony are in the exact same position in terms of 3rd party developers at the moment, but they took steps to try and alleviate their lack of preparation. In Sony's case, remasters and indies are what they are trying to use to shore up the lack of AAA content. In MS' case, they shifted focus off of the 360 early to get some early titles out at the beginning and now are buying exclusivity. Nintendo did neither. They wanted 3rd party devs to carry the Wii U for them until they decided they were going to put out some games. It didn't work so they were forced to step up their development.

Look what happened when Mario Kart 8 came out and the excitement around Nintendo's E3. Imagine if Nintendo had done that earlier. People would be buying Wii U's, 3rd party devs would see core gamers had that interest in the console, and they would be getting games. But no, Nintendo is mired in its own pride, that transferred to losses for 3rd party devs, and so here we are at the Present Day with Nintendo's underpowered console being an unattractive console to develop for for 3rd party devs interested in creating true HD games.

It's Nintendo's own fault, not 3rd party devs.

InTheLab1338d ago

Well said. It's is up to Nintendo to create a healthy environment for 3rd party devs and they've failed to do so out of arrogance or incompetence or most likely, both.

randomass1711338d ago

I agree. Nintendo has definitely a lot to own up to with third party support. But third party support on Wii U has a reputation for being low quality. Some of the publishers didn't help make the situation better like Warner Bros. If MK8 came out at launch I guarantee this never would have happened but I think Nintendo learned their lesson.

Dunban671338d ago

You can try to blame 3rd party dev s all you want but it is Nintendo s console and their responsibility. Nintendo knows it is their responsibility to provide an environment that will attract 3rd party games. Based on results (both sales and the number of quality 3rd party games skipping the Wii u), it does not appear Nintendo has made it a priority to attract 3rd party games to the Wii u whatsoever.

As far as the quality of the 3rd party game s that have come to the Wii u, it is Nintendo s console and THEY control what content is sold on the Wii u- If some people feel like the quality of the 3rd party games and ports were poor, Nintendo either does not agree w that sentiment or they do not feel like it is important enough to do anything about it- And Nintendo absolutely has the ability to do something about it if they so choose-

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