"We want to be Avatar, not War of the Worlds" says Destiny dev

Director of production at Destiny outlines the studio's hope for the game, despite "a lot of insecurity" around initial development

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gamesTM_dom1208d ago

I just hope he means the H. G. Wells masterpiece, rather than that toxic pile of Tom Cruise drivel

MeliMel1208d ago

I actually like the Tom Cruise remake. Its one that goes under radar for some reason.

SlyFoxC1208d ago

then you will LOVE Edge of Tomorrow!

MeliMel1208d ago

Sly, oh yeah. That one looks good. Blu Ray when its available for sure.

mcarsehat1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

I did, it was like a cosmic Alice In Wonderland. Beautiful and tense stuff.

Spielberg can't fail, don't listen to anyone else ;)

Sly-Lupin1208d ago

So... the goal is to be generic, overdesigned rubbish instead of a timeless classic?

Well, I guess it's good to have a goal....

gamesTM_dom1208d ago

I took it as him saying he's not trying to crowbar the game into being a classic by abiding to old tropes and expectations, but rather going all James Cameron-experimental with it and firing in multiple directions to see what sticks.

I mean, Avatar wasn't perfect - not by a long way - but you can't say it wasn't at least impactful, right?

Sly-Lupin1208d ago

...Avatar is the the movie that embraced told tropes and expectations. War of the Worlds was the wildly original story that kind of kicked off the entire science fiction genre.

Johnsonparts231208d ago

I'd rather make a couple billion dollars than be admired by pretentious hipsters and "intellectuals" lol.

Sly-Lupin1208d ago


Sorry, that literally made me laugh out loud.

You're a real idiot, aren't you?

mcarsehat1208d ago

You didn't seem to get Avatar did you???

By calling it generic you have fell for what they offered you, they purposely used the most relateable storyline ever told in order to manipulate Boys, Girls, Kids, White, Black, families, Friends...every kind of people because they can relate to what is being told.

A film doesn't make nearly 3 billion dollars without the same bums hitting those seats 2 or 3 times each.

It was genius and manipulative storytelling.

Xof1208d ago

...Avatar made money because it was a spectacle movie. Like most big blockbusters these days. Audiences didn't drive to the theater to watch it because it was a compelling story, or because it had relatable or interesting characters--they went to see it because it was pretty.

Which is what we gamers call "graphics-whoring."

Johnsonparts231207d ago

right, I'm the idiot. When you're the one comparing a movie to a book.....

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Gh05t1208d ago

I don't know what he means by that... but I do know that Avatar was just a pretty color festival with a shallow overplayed plot... I hope destiny isn't like that.

tigertron1208d ago

War of the Worlds>>>Avatar.

CorruptBoyd1208d ago

War of the worlds is amazing tho ! Love that movie, not many movies give you the view of an average family going through an Alien invasion. We could all relate to it.

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