Top 10 Tear Jerkers

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"This article focuses on the slightly rarer realm of game related emotional responses - the tear jerker. The games that make us weep with sadness over a lost character, and the games that put a lump in our throats when the story’s grand conclusion unfolds."

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thorstein707d ago


Ni No Kuni: Tearjerker moment is when Oliver's mom dies.

Twiggy707d ago

SPOILER ALERT: (Get used to these)

When Big Boss gasps his last bit of air at the end of MGS4 :'(

crimsonfox707d ago

This is good....

Isn't it?

Moe-Gunz707d ago

Who can forget the microwave scene :'(

zerocrossing707d ago

MGS4 was the perfect swan song for Snake and a fantasic love letter to fans of the series :)

Still one of the best/best looking games on the PS3

BiggerBoss707d ago

And the crazy part is that it came out way back in 2008

Twiggy706d ago

Still awaiting our Metal Gear Solid 4: Subsistance!

matgrowcott707d ago

When they shut down MGO 2 :/

SuperBlunt707d ago

Damn you for reminding me :'(

matgrowcott707d ago

You said you'd never forget :(

DallasTrout707d ago

I didn't cry once during the The Last Of Us. Am I heartless?

matgrowcott707d ago

Yes. You might just have psychological issues and you should go pay lots of money to be fixed.

Or not. You monster.

breakpad707d ago

the only time that i got high emotional is when Solid Snake in MGS4 revisited Shadow Mosses base and the song The Best is YEt to Come started playing

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