Eden To Get Playable Demo, Youtube Uploading

TheSixthAxis is reporting that PixelJunk Eden will see a playable demo this July, according to Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert.

In addition, the game will support YouTube uploading directly from the game.

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Ri0tSquad3717d ago

I hope more games use it.

C_SoL3717d ago

this feature is perfect for leaderboards in any game.....especially when your owning & smashin.......

nofilter3717d ago

The 'pause' feature will be great for making 'how-tos' as well, I really hope it's used in more games soon.

TheWickedOne3717d ago

This is one game I need a demo for, still not sure what's going on here.

GodsHand3717d ago

Q games, needs to add this feature to Pixel Junk Monsters. For those having trouble getting perfect on certain areas.

aiphanes3717d ago

Pixel Junk Monsters is such an awesome game...

Remember the arrows are good against the spiders...a lot of people do not know this...

Lets hope that they add the youtube feature to the next expansion to Pixel Junk Monsters...

whoelse3717d ago

Hopefully more and more games will take advantage of the free advertising this feature carries!

Vino3717d ago

Sounds like a nice feature.