Forza Horizon 2 Hands-On Preview @ GamesCom 2014 - Chet & Jon

Microsoft's September exclusive is almost here, and is looking (and feeling) stunningly good.

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Axios21456d ago

The praise for this game is starting to roll in, looks like it's going to be really good.

christocolus1456d ago

This game may end up getting far better reviews than Forza5.

I was watching the gamesom demo it was amazing to see the game switch from sp to mp. It was so seamless . The transition was smooth didn't even know the guy had moved into multiplayer not until i started seeing other players. The only change i noticed was the weather (from dark and rainy to sunny and bright). The dev explained the change saying the weather conditions had to be synced with that of the other players and also he said in some multiplayer games the players will have to agree on the type of weather that suits them best. Its amazing. MS needs to pick Playground up asap. These devs are highly talented.

Torque_CS_Lewith1456d ago

Looking stunningly...that grammar though.

Al801456d ago

Microsoft's September exclusive is almost here, and is looking stunningly good.

Same sentence with the bracket removed. Does that help?

Torque_CS_Lewith1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

The addition of the word good is what made it better. The sentence ended with stunningly when I made my comment. . .but you already knew that ;)

Al801455d ago

As anyone can see, the post was not edited at any point after it was originally posted

user3672721456d ago

Horizon 2 and Destiny in September...Looks like a great month for gamers.

SIMOIKIE1456d ago

Horizon to is a must buy for X1 racing genre fans! Will be a next gen masterpiece for social racing and a great reason to be a proud owner of an X1! 30th can't come soon enough!

cbuc11251456d ago

Sorry but the actual graphics are by no means "stunning". The pre rendered graphics before the race starts are however.

rakentaja1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

to cbuc1125:

You said that just sitting at home and after watching the cutscene or converted material? Did you notice that you fighting against the guy who is back from gamescom and actually saw it in action?

cbuc11251456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

im not fighting against anyone. its just the truth. As long as you are judging all the Gamescon videos of the same quality, you can tell which ones look better than others. Sorry but this one looks the least "stunning" graphically. That doesnt mean it isnt fun.

Btw...there are direct feed 1080P videos of this game on Gamersyde. It isnt "stunning" there either.

Boody-Bandit1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

That's this author / narrators opinion. He thinks FH2 looks stunning. I have friends that say games certain games look stunning before I get a chance to play them and once I do I'm like, "yeah, okay, what ever." But that's their opinions. Potato / Patato.

I do think of the upcoming racing games FH2 is the least visually impressive. So in that instance I agree with you. What matters most to me is gameplay mechanics and how they handle on FFB wheels.

I just wish someone would tell me how this game feels on the TX 458 wheel. Forza 5 recently had an update that helped with their handling on the TX wheel but it's still not as good as Forza 4 on the 360 with the CSR Elite and other FFB wheels. Before the update it had too much wheel wobble (open ended dead zone) for me personally.

I'm hoping FH2 handles a lot better. If not I'm going to be so frustrated. Hopefully the demo will offer extensive wheel options and not be limited because of it being a demo.