Who is Zoe Quinn? And why 'journalists' don't care...

So who is Zoe Quinn? Short story is she’s an independent game developer. Long story is she’s a woman with an ex-boyfriend issue who has recently been all over the internet.

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rizzardcore1497d ago

Good opinion piece...needs a bit of editing, but I'm approving it.

weekev151497d ago

Its a bit conspiracy theory sensationalist. Maybe the big gaming sites just didnt see this as news. After all they arent tabloid gaming sites. I dont even know if such a thing exists.

trenso11497d ago

at this point i think it would be hard for big sites to have not heard of this.

3-4-51496d ago

Take the sex out of the equation, and she still seems like an untrustworthy person.

That is how I'm looking at this.

She seems manipulative.

You know how some people will back their favorite celebrity or athlete no matter what, well she has those type of followers.

Almost cult like, who will do and say anything to make everyone calling her out look bad.

Krimmson1497d ago

Remember when video games used to just be about video games?

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Well we shouldn't be covering someones private life. This isn't hollywood celebrity paparazzi stalking stuff. The gaming industry is perfectly fine staying out of people in the industry's personal life. whether she did that or not is not for me to say but gaming journalists are doing the right thing at not pushing it into the public.

You know whats the last thing about my mind when I'm on a video game site? Thinking about the developers and wondering how their private lives are.

Keep tabloids out.

001497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

when you as a developer start sleeping around with the gaming media to get positive press it creates a conflict of interest. it would be no different if she was caught handing over wads of cash, its using favors for positive press with influential people to further your career without having to put any work into it.

trenso11497d ago

The point isn't her cheating and her private life its WHOM she cheated with and what she has done to gain positive press on her game, not only that what she did to a gaming charity is just wrong.

rainslacker1497d ago

You're on a gaming site, so I would assume that you expect some level of integrity from the authors of the articles you read.

That is what's at issue here. Whether some authors gave her praise due to a relationship they may have had with Quinn.

Being a gamer, I would think you would want you're news authors to have some ethics.

Personally, I don't care who she sleeps with, but when it actually does affect the industry by introducing bias and narcissism into the content we use to get our news, it becomes an actual issue that needs to be addressed.

The fact that most of the press lines haven't been focusing on the actual topic is a problem, as it shows complacency and an unwillingness to turn the mirror on themselves, as perks are perks regardless of their nature.

The people that keep trying to make this into an attack on her due to her sexual activities are either misinformed, or actively trying to misdirect the actual issue.

001497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I think people are not getting why some are mad, it's not that she cheated with five men its who she did it with. that being the journalist to get positive cover of her game, and the fact that there was censorship with everything being deleted with even sites like 4chan of all places makes it look like there is something much bigger to hide.

rainslacker1497d ago

I doubt the gaming journalist really want to put their ethics at large under a microscope. It could root out a lot of hypocrisy and bad practices that have been going on for years now. Sex or money or perks are all ethically ambiguous.

001497d ago

And that's why I think this is getting so much heat People know what gaming journalism is and this is showing clear that there is corruption, and with a lot of journalist putting there head in the sand just hoping it just goes away is making people even more mad.

weekev151497d ago

Surely she hasnt slept with every major gaming journalist or editor though? Its confusing that some of the other sites havent used it as an opportunity to claim integrity around their own sites but other than that this isnt really gaming news.

People pay for good reviews/publicity all the time, in this instance she just paid with her booty.

001497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

it's the power of influence it makes. and that's why people are getting angry they want the buyouts to stop.

rainslacker1497d ago

The thing is, it's hard to say you have integrity if you take any kind of perk while reviewing a game, or giving it exposure. Sexual favors are certainly an extreme way of someone moving ahead, but some lesser perks would be the free swag that publishers send out, or the advertising revenue that some sites may accept in return for positive coverage of a game.

If one site decides to make a big deal about it, then their integrity itself can come into question, as people can start asking, "well...what have you accepted in return for similar coverage?".

It's a serious question, because it's been well known for a while that the industry's publishers do indeed give out perks that can cause bias.

Dee_911497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Its funny how so many sites wrote about her being harassed but very few write about her manipulating people to get her game on steam, and allegedly using her lady parts to get good reviews and etc etc... Its also funny reading the comments sections of articles still defending her.Nobody's buying it lol
It does show me what sites to avoid thats for sure.. Most I already did avoid like Motherboard and Dailydot.

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