Yahoo Saved by Google - Yeah That's Right

GamingShogun writes, "According to various sources, Yahoo has signed a deal with Google in order to save its own skin. What it is, basically, is an advertising partnership where Yahoo would use Google's search operations to funnel advertising onto its own site. This is estimated to bring upwards of $800 million dollars a year to Yahoo..."

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Breakfast3544d ago

MS = bad :(

Google = good :)

GiantEnemyCrab3544d ago

Yes, Google is great if you don't care about your privacy on the internet. If you don't mind them pointing a satellite at your house and taking pictures and then setting up shop with NASA and the US government.

Breakfast3544d ago

That's still not worse then MS stealing from the poor.

C_SoL3544d ago

use google maps. Trust me.....;)

meepmoopmeep3544d ago

Breakfast & Crab fight.
lol. entertaining for certain reasons.

go Google!

ScentlessApprentice73544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

That's like Sony coming and saying: "Hey Microsoft, we know you make faulty hardware and do nothing but buy exclusive third-party software, but we can't operate without you, so here's some millions and lets keep it going"

This is almost like in a parallel universe or something. Where Heidi Klum is viewed upon like Rosie O' Donnell and Rosie O' Donnell is a super model.

ice_prophecy3544d ago

Google can Take a Satellite picture of my Bare ass any day!

Bleyd3544d ago

MS is doing the same thing with maps. It just so happens that Google did it first.

Then there's the other thing you're forgetting too.

No one cares!

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xplosneer3544d ago

Goole: "Don't be evil" is right. Go open source, go google. Keep on going.

Kain813544d ago

They bought everything of, until there is no Competion.
And belive me M$ will ruin the hole Gaming Industry with that Sh*t.
Sad but True

kylegtheassman3544d ago

this is so fu*ken funny lolololol

karlostomy3544d ago

I thought cartels were illegal?

Double standards.

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