A New Breed of Horror – A Dino Crisis Retrospective, Part 1

2d-x: "Cruising on the success and popularity of the Resident Evil games in the late ’90s, Shinji Mikami and Capcom’s Production Studio 4 got to work on a title that would redesign the survival-horror elements of the RE series to create a panic-heavy thriller. The result was Dino Crisis, which did well enough to spawn several sequels though it never reached the level of success of the Resident Evil series that inspired it. Nonetheless, the Dino Crisis games were novel and innovative in many respects, and the series’ ambiguous limbo since the release of Dino Crisis 3 in 2003 is a darn shame."

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cfc781459d ago

Dino Crisis what a game especially along side Resident Evil back then,it's crazy to see where Capcom were and are now I'd love them to get their act together and start delivering more true classics in the survival genre.

DarkOcelet1458d ago

Yeah they kept on delivering one masterpiece after the other and each sequel was an improvement on the ps1 , on the ps2,gamecube, they delivered some of the best games in the industry , i seriously hope they make a comeback , i still have faith in them .