Five Things Needed In This Year’s Football Games

Mikael Von Stroot for Fully 'Avin It writes: There had been a time when there was a real decision to be made when you were asked the question ‘PES or FIFA?’ That was back in the days of the PS2 considering Konami continually fluffed attempts at bringing a decent football game to the last generation of consoles. But with PES 15 getting some rave previews after Gamescom there is suggestion that PES is back to give FIFA a real run for it’s money this year.

One thing will be for sure, which ever side you end up choosing this season there will always be things that could be improved and features that miss the cut. I, of course, am now going to tell you what these features are because that’s how websites like this work:

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error131491d ago

Websites that use slides to address an article should be banned.

joeydale131491d ago

Just trying stuff out. If it doesn't work, we won't do it agin...Anyway, it's more about the actual content!

JV1491d ago

Even so, there was very little content in this

Jimstarz931491d ago

Well that was pointless? No need for them ideas to be even CONSIDERED in fifa. As long as gameplay mechanics are right and the improvement they have made this year, I'm happy enough! Why the hell do you want a ref to spray vanishing spray? Pathetic, LOL MADE MY DAY!