Sony: Consistent Hardware 'Very Important' to VR

VRFocus - Much talk has been made of the limitations of the PlayStation 4 when it comes to the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD). While Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE) latest console is undoubtedly powerful, ever-advancing, flexible PC hardware suggests that the company may struggle to keep up with the likes of the Oculus VR HMD. According to SCE however, consistent hardware is 'very important' to VR.

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nX1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Just like it always was, console is simple plug and play while PC VR will depend on your rig. I just hope Project Morpheus will work on PC as well.

ramiuk11312d ago

like sony have said before ,working on ps4 is a breeze because its all a closed system.
when u start deleoping something for a pc its so tricky because of all the different variations of systems.
I dont think sony need to support pc and if they do i think they might just sell there kit to another dev to do a pc version of it.
It will be interesting to see what happens when MS annoucne more because i fully expect them to go pc/xbone with VR

bouzebbal1312d ago

this is why i prefer console gaming, hardware architecture is the same and optimizing for one hardware is a good thing for console fans.

Nerdmaster1312d ago

But if a developer can't make the game run with good resolution, or on a steady framerate, or even if it's steady but it's only 30fps, you're stuck with that.

Kurylo3d1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Consoles this gneeration.. are basically pcs.. so im not sure why u would think optimization plays any role here. The fact of the matter is if u optimize your game right it works for everything.. its no longer a special architecture like playstation 3. For VR to work right you need 60-75 fps constantly or there will be studdering. Consoles are in for a world of hurt for that simple reason... No upgrading your graphics card. Has to be rendered for each eye and at hd resolutions.

ramiuk11312d ago


all ps4 consoles are same so its simple and easy to optimize,with pc there is different cards,cpu etc which have to be taken into account.
so regardless of the fact there built like a pc,"there built like a pc but there all the same"

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starchild1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

This is pure nonsense. When has console hardware ever resulted in a guaranteed solid performance? It's one of the reason I do a lot of my gaming on PC. Console games often have stuttering and other performance related issues.

Stutter, jaggies, pop-in, screen tearing...these things take you out of the game even on a 2D display, but in VR it is exponentially so.

The PC is going to be the best place for VR hands down. This is no slight against the PS4. I love my PS4, but I know what it is good for and what it isn't particularly good for.

Stapleface1312d ago

I wouldn't agree that consistent hardware is very important. You have a bottom line of what your hardware is going to work on, anything above that will work, but better than the bottom line. What is important is having powerful enough hardware. 60fps isn't enough for VR. If your hardware can't output higher than than in 3D, your VR tech isn't going to be as good as OR or other VR devices currently being developed. As they are reaching for the pc market where that hardware is there already, without a doubt on the performance side. No not everyone has it, but there are a lot of gamers that do, and plenty more that a simple GPU upgrade would get them where they need to be.

johndoe112111312d ago

"60fps isn't enough for VR"

What proof do you have of this? Links to expert opinions and/or documented test results would be appreciated.

Stapleface1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Do your own research. A low frame rate with a VR headset causes motion sickness. It's not my fault if you have not kept up with the information regarding VR tech. Not to mention you need to run at 120fps to get dual 60fps screens. 60 fps isn't enough, in two ways, you decide the important one.

edit: Unless you think 30fps for each eye is enough, then 60fps is enough. I guess it comes down to personal preference?

johndoe112111312d ago


Thanks again for making comments without showing any proof of your claims other than "It's not my fault if you have not kept up with the information regarding VR tech". My question stills stands. WHAT IS YOUR PROOF? I never said you were right or wrong and I did not debate with you, I simply asked for you to point where you got your info from.

Kurylo3d1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Yes if u want info or proof just go to occulus rift dev forums.. You need 60-75 fps in order to get a smooth vr experience or you get studdering. The screen it self has a refresh rate of 75hz.. it needs to stay with it... your probably going to get screen tearing if u dont. In fact they have an entire pdf document of tips for developers. I get my rift this month :)

Stapleface1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Ok, so apparently 60fps is "sufficient". But I do believe, though I guess I'm speculating that's per eye, requiring 120fps output capability. In this article it also states that high frame rate is not the only challenge facing VR when it comes to providing a motion sickness free VR experience. Meaning that high frame rate, is only part of the solution, but it is part of it. No this is not a scientific study. But I'm not sure I could provide that on something this new. There isn't a lot of funding for VR in the first place, let alone scientific studies on incomplete hardware to link to..

Kurylo3d1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Actually no.. not 120 fps... its still 60 fps. Its 1 horizontal screen each eye taking up half the screen. Splitting the resolution in half...960 x 1080 per eye on the oculus dev kit 2. The scene still does need to be rendered twice by 2 cameras, 1 per eye. Though occulus does say the resolution may be much more by the final one which is going public may of 2015.

Pandamobile1312d ago

1080p60 is the absolute bare minimum for a decent VR experience.

user56695101312d ago

They are so into very but don't follow unless Sony says something ORift stated a long time ago. They love games but hate everything that's not on a ps platform. Gotta love it.

They stated games need to be well over 60 for the longest

tee_bag2421311d ago

60fps is 30fps per eye. 60fps is simply not enough. It's pretty obvious you haven't been following any VR news otherwise you'd not be arguing a moot point. VR needs extremely high and consistent frames per second otherwise you'll get motion sickness.

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Pricey1312d ago

I would guess that the reason Sony has come so close to the rift in such a short space of time is that they are focused on one specification, the PS4.

edqe1312d ago

Sony has been developing VR glasses about 20 years. Don't you think they should be years ahead of Kickstarter project Oculus Rift and not other way around?

WeAreLegion1312d ago

They shouldn't be years ahead. I seriously doubt much money was given to the VR research until Oculus became popular. VR was such a financial risk for a long time. The technology has finally caught up with expectations. So, I would imagine major advances are fairly new.

Palmer and the rest of the Oculus team have had a working relationship with many Sony engineers over the past couple of years.

Kurylo3d1312d ago

Its funny, because sony is still so far behind the devkit 2 version of the rift. They are basically playing catchup and trying to copy the rifts ideas and specifications for making vr work. Its hilarious. Props to sony for trying, seeing as though we see nothing from microsoft, but lets not worship sony for trying, failing, and then copying.

aliengmr1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

If time was the only factor then yea, they "should" be, but it isn't the only factor.

Sony simple cannot throw the amount of resources at VR that OVR can.

Hardware is expensive. First you have the cost of R&D and then, unlike software, you have the even larger cost of producing and manufacturing that hardware.

Sony can take all the risks and even take a loss on the PS4, because that will sell. VR is, generally speaking, still failed tech and very risky to get behind. Its to Sony's credit they are even trying, but even they know they can't single-handedly bring VR to the mass market. Which is why they were happy with the whole Facebook buyout, because there was a player with the ability to do what they simply can't do.

I can see the advantages to consistent hardware, but I also see advantages to no limitations. In fact as of right now I think both are equally important.

GamingTruth1312d ago

sonys ps4 has no limitations in exclusives thats where the project morpheus comes into play so anything you all are talking about is just an attempt at bringing up some reckless pc elitism

Bladesfist1311d ago

lol @ reckless pc elitism. I like it, well done.

GamingTruth1311d ago

i assume your one of my disagrees along with your other pc brothers that disagreed with me