Eurogamer: Forza Horizon 2 proves the driving genre is back at its best

Eurogamer previews Forza Horizon 2

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Hands Up For Games1492d ago

Forza Horizon 2
Drive Club
The Crew
Project Cars

No matter the type of racer you enjoy, there is pretty much guaranteed to be something you'll enjoy playing in a few months time

Rev your engines, gentleman!

Axios21492d ago

Very true

A good read, and very high praise for this game, happy trails.

GarrusVakarian1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Awwww yeah, this game looks incredible. The scope of the game is really getting me pumped, seeing those cars blaze through those open field with that huge draw distance. Wow.

Day one.

@Hands up

So true. The way things are going so far, this gen will be even better than the last for racers (and last gen was probably my favourite gen ever for racers).

Nice avatar, btw. The Wire is the GOAT!

Septic1492d ago

"Horizon 2 is the worthy successor to racing greats such as Project Gotham Racing 4, and as it goes against Evolution's DriveClub and Ivory Tower's The Crew, it's hard not to see the Xbox One game emerging at the head of the pack."

I said this yesterday. Horizon 2 really does look set to be the best racer this year.

bouzebbal1492d ago

you state clearly that "it goes against Evolution's DriveClub and Ivory Tower's The Crew", don't think it's wise to affirm that FH2 will be this year's best racers. For you maybe but you should still try all the other ones and then draw conclusions.
The Crew is a huge open world game, DriveClub's strength is of course graphics and physics but mostly social features and being part of a real time club and compete against other clubs.

thereapersson1492d ago

He was just quoting the article.

Torque_CS_Lewith1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Not sure DC has any physics worth tooting about, certainly not up against Horizon 2 with its Forza pedigree and customization options.
Horizon 2 also has social features ramped up to 11 with limitations not being a hinderance. Plus livery customizing and over 200 cars from varied manufacturers and regions car clubs won't all look all similar.

DC's 1 up is its graphics, but it seems they are at the expense of content.

1492d ago
christocolus1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

The more i read about Forza H2 the more excited i get,this game is filled to the brim with great content/features. The number of cars in the game should be well over 200 now. imo MS needs to lock up Remedy,playground and Certain Affinity. They are really amazing studios and so far they only work on xbox consoles. So it shouldn't be that difficult.

700p1492d ago

Yeah this game looks like one of the better games this year. Cant wait to play it.

u got owned1492d ago

I dont know, I have a feeling about this one, this game keeps growing on me. Cant wait to try it out.

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3-4-51491d ago

Just got Forza 5, getting Horizon 2, plus we get DC,Crew, Project Cars....well I don't get to play DC on XB1, but still, tons of driving games.

* The Genre is making a nice impact on gaming and it seems as though ALL OF THEM are of high quality & fun.

PCBOX1492d ago

It is the winner of this year by far among racing games.Best graphics,best gameplay,best fun factor,open world.It is just simply the best a Rivalless beast.

nX1492d ago

Best graphics is actually not an opinion in racing games, the closer you get to photorealism tge better your graphics are. And to claim best fun factor 2 months before release is simply hilarious.

imt5581492d ago

Quote :

"Best graphics"


Quote :

"best gameplay"

Everyone has their own preferences

PCBOX1492d ago Show
Torque_CS_Lewith1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Only a ps4 fan could argue against PC games having better graphics!

hello121492d ago

Driveclub has the better graphics, but that's not surprising at all. The game was a bit of letdown when it was shown off at Gamescom though. Forza looks more arcadey with brighter colours. Forza has more content to keep gamers happy.

Driveclub was a launch game and its not offering much in the way of content. It lacks cars and tracks. If all you care about is graphics and racing around in a circle. Then buy Driveclub.

windblowsagain1491d ago

How does Driveclub lack tracks or Cars.

50 cars to start with. Top end in each spec.

55 tracks unmatched in visuals.

Horizon 2 is like the crew and NFS type games.

If all you care is driving through fields, and looking at low end car models then pick either Forza horizon or the crew.

Rocky51491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )


5 or 6 locations, 55 variations, not 55 tracks as you're implying.

Also it lacks cars, 50 is not a lot by today's standards.

But I guess if you only have a PS4 then you need to justify your purchase of Driveclub by telling yourself its a lot.

tgunzz1492d ago

FH2 is definitely looking the part... Game on.

TheBoy1492d ago

Easily the best racing game releasing this year.

SIMOIKIE1492d ago

It's will be the top racing game hands down... for who was saying they won't have replay they will it was in a demo.

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