Analyst: PS3 Will Continue to Outpace 360; Microsoft Price Cut at E3?

Gamedaily.Biz writes: "The PS3 beat the 360 in May and EEDAR's Jesse Divnich expects this pattern to continue, in part because of exclusives like Metal Gear Solid 4. Divnich also believes a price cut on 360 may be announced at E3 next month.

Following the release of the impressive May video game sales data, EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich has weighed in with a few comments. Perhaps his most interesting observation was in regards to the effect that exclusive PS3 titles have on hardware adoption – apparently, games exclusive to PS3 do a far better job of driving hardware sales than games exclusive to Xbox 360 or Wii.

Divnich also believes that Microsoft is preparing to make a price cut announcement on its hardware at the upcoming E3 summit in July: "With E3 around the corner, we can expect Microsoft to make some type of announcement regarding a hardware price cut, the introductory of a new hardware SKU with new features, or both. If there is a hardware price cut, it is not known if Sony will follow suit right way, but it would be safe to assume that Sony would execute some type of plan within a 2 month window of any hardware price cut from the Xbox 360."

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trancefreak3810d ago

interesting article but i think its time for ms to slash its prices. should pick sales up.

A new sku with blu ray would be nice addition for those who like the xbox. makes practical sense with 1 machine being a complete entertainment system.

Hydrolex3810d ago

well, first that makes Xbox 360s price higher

second, developers cannot make blu-ray games because 20million people already have the regular 360

third, which idiot is gonna buy an Xbox 360 because of a blu-ray player ?

If someone needs blu-ray, the PS3 is the best choice.

killax35633810d ago

haha, i never thought of it that way.....but its true, only an idiot would prefer an xbox 360 w/ blu-ray over a ps3 (which has blu-ray built in).

trancefreak3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

did u guys read the article before tossing up Idiot into the equation. it said new hardware sku and trust me it wont be me buying it i was speculating on the article. chillzout homies im a PS man 4life.

plenty a tool3810d ago

it's too far into the consoles life to bring out a blu-ray machine, unless it's an add-on.

microsoft should now slash the prices. tkae the machine near to the ps2's price and see what happens.

anyone that says they wouldn't buy one for silly cheap money is a fanboy simple as that....

Syronicus3809d ago

I hate to say it bud but the only thing that could have possibly saved MS from Sony's steam would have been for them to release a quality console in the first place. With all the mud they have had slung at them over the past couple years due to the huge hardware failure rates, they will never recover this gen, even if they drop the price to 99 bucks. People know that when they pay 99 dollars for a console they are getting a great deal but only if the console has been reputable since launch. Getting a 600 dollar PS3 for 99 dollars in a few years from now would be a great deal since the PS3 has been a very reliable console but to buy a 360 for 99 bucks would just be a 99 dollar console failure waiting to happen. In reality that may not be the case but this is how the casual consumer is going to perceive it.

Real Gambler3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

If a bluray is added, it will be like the HD-DVD was, simply an addon.

What we will see at E3 is simply a decent slash in price for the actual SKUs, but also a new sku with an even bigger harddrive. They can drop the price on the cheapest unit, and phase some of them out so it doesn't matter.
But at the same time introduce a 320gig or even 500gig xbox, and claim it's the ultimate multimedia machine because you can store so much stuff on it. Drives this size are now very cheap, and the new sku will be higher price, so they won't loose money and it will make the cheapest unit even more atractive since the price difference will be bigger.

So they get the best of both world. A decent xbox sku in the Wii price range, or who knows, maybe even lower? And a mega xbox for the fanatic, without really loosing money on the new sku.

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PoSTedUP3810d ago

if Microsoft cuts its price and it only out sells the ps3 for a short time. i would call it a wrap. 360 would have to stay ahead in sales the whole time until ps3 cuts its price for the 360 to stay in the game.

well C what happens though.

Snukadaman3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

You honestly think sales of ps3 will continue to be high longer then a month?? both consoles will have their ups and downs in north america. but on that same vein you mention if microsoft gets a price cut and it only lasts for a couple of weeks the xbox is you are turning into a nasim...i suggest you go in your pad...go and play that non hd-tv your playing your ps3 on and just enjoy your metal gear game and stay off the boards for awhile....this is a intervention.

-Maverick-3810d ago

Move along 360 fanboy. Your console is going to lose. By ALOT.

Only 8 more years to go for the PS3!!!

As soon as the PS3 get s a pricecut all debate will be over. PS3 will be destroying the 360 by much more than the 200,000 it is now, every month.

Snukadaman3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

A little bit of reality and you droids attack huh...ahh the way..did you happen to pick up your bundle today or are you waiting for another reason to even buy a ps3 still? kinda funny when the biggest sony droid does not even own the console to play its best game.

"Only 8 more years to go for the PS3!!!"
I dont think sony is that dumb to let microsoft bring out the xbox 720 before them and idly sit back and enter the same situation it is in now.

ps3 will be out before the next xbox?? you mean what does that say about your 10 year plan of ps3 domination...exactly my point moron.

@posted..I disagree man...we will be seeing the see saw effect for both consoles all game comes out and boosts sales one month and so on and so forth...both consoles are going no where at this point and we wont see no big impact for at least maybe the middle of 2009 at least. slow down on the rhetoric bro...we both OG'S man..let the kids fight it out on what console is supreme.

-Maverick-3810d ago

Move along kiddie poo, Xbox 360 is all but dead. PS3 has already won...: )

Seriously. Xbox 360 is going to get smoked and the next Xbox is coming in dead last also. PS3 will be out well beyond the next Xbox ....pass the 360 well before the next Xbox and PS4 will sedtory the next Xbox in sales.

Have a great night 8D


PoSTedUP3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

was up snukkman. what didnt make sense that i said. the ps3 is out selling the 360 as of now. what will happen if it out sells them after the 360 cut its price? you tell me. "IF"

look at it this way, i said if the 360 cuts its price, and they dont continue to out sell the ps3 wile being at a mass market price, then the ps3 will take the generation. im not saying it will go like that cause i dont know. but the 360 being at 250-300 dollas and the ps3 being at 400-500 dollas and their out selling their competition the majority of the time, whats gunna happen when the ps3 cuts its price? all im saying is "if" the 360 cant out sell the ps3 after their price cut then there most likely done. plain and simple. ohh.. and no i didnt say ps3 sales will be high for longer than a month.. you doing dogg?

@snukkadaman- im just callin it how i see it dog, its all speculation though, but if it goes the way i said it might, youll see what im talking about dog. its all fun and games though. iight be easy man, 1luv peace and god bless.

juuken3810d ago

Snuka...when you see analysts predicting something like this...usually they're right. MS should have opted for a price cut to stay ahead of the PS3. Their titles are lacking at E3. Not sure about those *big* name games they have there, but Sony also has two new games coming up especially. I'm only interested in Ninja Gaiden 2 and Infinite Undiscovery for the 360 at the moment.

I have a huge feeling that MS is in serious*t.

Snukadaman3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

The xbox needed a price I think one is coming after I bought another dam elite already...ahh well oh and analyst are not always right juuken..remember this...
and this was the result of march...
as I said both consoles will do fine...2008 will be defined on who has the biggest game of the year..I myself think gears of war 2 will trounce the competition but what do I no analyst.

By the way anyone else see the new game informer...the news they got on fable 2 is looking quite promising.

juuken3810d ago

That's why I said *usually* Snuka. I said *usually* they're right. Sometimes they're wrong.

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Mu5afir3810d ago

Keep in mind Microsoft paid 1.3 billion dollars to repair RROD. I would be very surprised to see a price cut being announced at E3. Besides they dropped the price down $50 dollars in Europe only a few months ago.

And their base SKU is already priced at $250, so it's already on par with the Wii.

killax35633810d ago

Wow, that's a really good point (about the lowest sku being on par with the wii). i didn't realize that.

But MS has to do something to stimulate sales.

mikeslemonade3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Microsoft has said since launch that their goal is to get the tard pack down to $199.99 so I expect a price drop at E3. For xbox to stay competitive they need to drop the arcade from $280 down to $200. And they need to cut down XBL gold to $20 or free because it's ridiculous to pay $50 online for a $200 system.

Hydrolex3810d ago

They better work on their softwares.

doing 1000 things at the same time results in

Xbox 360

their products are failing. Vista was hyped. Xbox 360 got huge failure. Zune is no popular.

-Maverick-3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

lol All these analysts are making these predictions for a reason. They realte sales to the time in each consoles life cycle... while looksing how cheap the console can be bought for, how much console sale continue decreasing(or in the PS3's view, increasing) and how much people are willing to buy it now... when the PS3 is still 400/500$.

Regardless of what anyone thinks... PS3 will do fine. Its going to be here a long time and have sold around 22 million by the end of its second year... at a 400/500$ price... that's not even close to mainstream pricing and it will be out 7 or 8 more years after that.

PS3 will break 100 million before its all said and done, easily. Its going to be doing very very well when its priced at 200$ in 3 years. VERY well.

Xbox 360 needs to drop price NOW and sale well while it can. This is a reason why analysts warn of "struggle" for the Xbox. PS3 is come on stronger and stronger... and it's not even close to it's stride yet. It's just not. Only the top 10% or maybe 15% are buying the PS3 now and its still outselling the 360 in every country all over the world.

June is going to be way worse than this month. I saw 12-15 people walk out with the MGS4 bundle from my Tampa Gamestop last night while I was standing in line (They sold out) Thats not counting the 40gb's already outselling the 360 everywher.

O yea. Metal Gear Solid 4 is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. No joke. It is VERY VERY good.

Think how many consoles Grab Turismo 5, FF13 games, MGS4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, LBP, White Knight Chronicles, Socom and the Rockstar Exlcusive will sale when announced. These are just games coming soon. PS3 will be out well beyond these games. PS3 is going to hit the 100 million mark again. Sales will skyrocket with the next price cut next year. Sony is like building it up. Their smart. I know so many people that want a PS3 when it gets cheaper.

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Daz3810d ago

So what who out passes who, i dont care. i play the games they both have.

Jack Meahoffer3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

People hoping for MS to quit the console race are childish and short sighted. Competition has been great for gamers... Fanboys think it would be better to have only one console out there but how much fun would it be for Sony fans to "war" with Nintendo fans?

Thats like taking a knife to a gun fight.

We got 1080p on HDMI!... Oh yeah well we got 480p on component with 4 polygons on screen at one time! Take that!

Fact is MS has already done what they set out to do this generation. I fully believe they never expected to sell more consoles than the PS3 by the end of this generation. They wanted market share and they got it... So did Nintendo. The PS3 will win at the end no doubt in my mind but it'll have far less market share than the PS2 did... Maybe thats why Sony fans want MS to die so bad. They got their feelings hurt that Sony didn't just steam roll everyone like they did last generation but in fact that helped everyone including Sony fans. If nothing else the PS3 would still be more expensive even if you don't count universal in game voice chat, achievements and all the other influences the 360 had on the industry.

Best route is to own all three. Period.

ActionBastard3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Is this from Patcher? LOL. I joke, I joke.

KillaManiac3810d ago

haha...that definitely gave me a good smirk.

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