Why Inside the NBA’s inclusion is a Great Thing for NBA2k15

Ross Everman of Fully 'Avin It writes: For the uninitiated, Inside the NBA is a TNT basketball show so good that it has won Emmy awards. It’s a mix of serious basketball analysis, Shaq saying things you probably shouldn’t say on TV, and other shenanigans. Inside spawned the NBA fan-favourite segment “Saq-tin’ a Fool” in which Shaq famously mocked JaVale McGee to the point where JaVale could barely stand to talk to Shaq. Unfortunately, however, the show itself won’t be directly replicated in the game.

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Software_Lover1493d ago

Its becoming more like NFL 2k5.

incendy351493d ago

Meh, Inside the NBA is so played out. It was fun years ago when it first started, but now all they do is fight over the same thing every week.

MonChiChi1493d ago

I agree, as I don't hate it, I do have to say Shaq has no clue what he is talking about most of the time. The other 3 are fine and actually give insight to the game.