Savvy Imgur user builds working 1KB hard drive inside 'vanilla' Minecraft

Want to see a working 1KB hard drive within Minecraft? One Imgur user has accomplished the near impossible, and built an actual (but very tiny) hard drive in Minecraft.

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reddevilandy101429d ago

Minecraft inception? A drive within a game within a drive.

3-4-51428d ago

That person is smart.

andrewer1428d ago

haha love to see these things. Is it possible to build a whole processor (ALU, Registers, RAM)? And program in assembly in Minecraft xD

fr0sty1428d ago

They built a calculator in LBP, now a hard drive in Minecraft... you've got your processor and storage.

Spenok1428d ago

I imagine with enough time, space, and intellect, you could. I've seen people make working "Screens" even with a "controller" of sorts. So I don't doubt it.

Lazyeye791428d ago

Yes its possible, built one myself.