Silent Hill(s) - The Mistakes of Your Youth

Following the reveal of Silent Hills, JBH discusses what lessons the game should learn from its predecessors.

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Blacklash931456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Really disagree on some of those points, here.

1. Pyramid Head is not an incomprehensible menace. The purpose of his existence and actions are completely understood. In fact, he is actually connected to the cult. His image is that of The Order's attendant angel, Valtiel.

2. I thought The Order was actually pretty interesting, particularly in SH3. They seem to see Silent Hill very differently than James and Heather, and they have internal conflicts within. Also, Alessa created Silent Hill in SH1 with her fear and rage; not The Order. It was her nightmare and her powers drew others into it.

Anyway, the ultimate evil in Silent Hill is always humans, cult or no cult. Silent Hill is the personal nightmare of the people creating it. That's true even in Silent Hill 2, because James brought his nightmare on himself. The town was just punishing him for what he did, like he subconsciously desired.

3. First-person, no combat, and defenseless run-and-hide is becoming trite in Horror, in these past years. It's a valid type of Horror games, but not the only type. I'd like to see Silent Hills bring back 90s Horror and modernize it in a great way.