The Qore Gamer? A Look At Sony's New Venture

Peter Skerritt, content editor for GamePlasma, writes:

"Internet message boards and even Sony's own PlayStation Blog have seen generally negative reaction to this possibility. While Qore stands to be a potentially strong source of revenue for Sony, it remains to be seen how it will affect PSN and its members as a whole."

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UnasFortuna3841d ago

I still dont entirely understand what all the fuss about the Qore subscription is. It is a measly 3.00 dollars (rounding up) for each episode which only comes out once monthly. Sony has stated that content included in Qore will not detract from what is being offered in the PSN Store. Only time will tell in this aspect. It is mentioned that the betas used to be free for Playstation Underground members... humm... while that may have been the case... I have been a member of that forum for awhile and I never got in on the betas from there. Not everyone does. It is the luck of the draw I guess and I don't like to jump through hoops to get into a game beta and not many do. That is the beauty of Qore beta invites... you purchase the episode... you get in the beta. The content in my opinion that was released in this episode what quite good... and it was content that I have not come across on the internet. Granted the ads are annoying when switching between content; but, as you said, they are short. Does that make them any more tolerable... nah... I agree with you on this point. I assume they are just trying to offset some of the cost of making the content itself. Maybe if we had to pay for PSN access as the 360 has to... then more than likely this would have been a free service. Keep the episodes coming Sony with the betas and early demos.

skillednutter3841d ago

....yes 360's Gold content comes at a price but all the Gold Exclusive Content is eventually available to Silver Account Users for free within a week of its original release.

All of 360's community updates and exclusive News via Streaming Web Episodes is free for all account holders

From what I have seen in Qore thus far it does not warrent a charge even if its as little as $3

Too me this seems like a Stealth Tax.

Armyless3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

you dont have to buy Qore.

Edit: You buy magazines, right? If this were a paper product do you think it should be free? Magazines have ads too, do you know why they still charge money for subscriptions with all the ad revenue?

Death3841d ago

The content available from Qore was free last week. Now it costs $3.00 a month.


Chubear3841d ago

How the hell is this "Sony's new venture"? Qore isn't a Sony product. It's something they've introducted to their fanbase just like gmaing sites introduce new gaming mags and encourage you to support them but they don't own them.

The rate of misinformation in the gaming world has surpased stagering levels this gen. This just crazy.

RAM MAGNUMS3840d ago

First of all Its 3 dollars for a beta key!
remember crackdown for the halo 3 beta! Yeah $60 dollars for a arcade game!

Second of all, This is where im gonna get my PS3 details! You think I trust any gamer sites to get me the scoop! Nope I rather hear it in Qore.

Third of all, Im happy its a option and not mandatory because I see alot of potential and I have a few Ideas of my own for Qore! I would like to see Qore have the ability to have user created videos like in gametrailers. Helll, Ive been happy with my ps3 for a very long time & I would like to show some support for Sony! They have been listening to my gaming needs since the launch of PS2!

4th of all, ya dont like it dont buy it. Simple as that.

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