Nintendo: The Strategy Is To Not Pull A Sega

Ravi Bala:
"Wii U sales have been sluggish and Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) has been struggling with profitability after the demise of the Wii. Now it seems that the appropriate strategy is to go from a first-party publisher to a third party publisher. However, Nintendo's wide appeal has stemmed from its beloved franchises such as Mario, Zelda and Pokemon. Going from first-party to third party is a giant step and does not always work out as planned."

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MrSwankSinatra1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

It would be pretty hard for anyone to pull a SEGA. As much as I loved SEGA as gaming company, they made really bad decisions. SEGA always had a wait and see mentality, If something didn't work then they just threw another product to consumers. Hell even some of the products they were going to throw out to consumers never even got released. One could only imagine the amount of R&D that was wasted on unreleased products.

SEGA Neptune

SEGA Pluto

SEGA Jupiter


They were so freaking ridiculous with their funds that they tried to get into the Television market.

Lets not forget the colossal failures that were the SEGA 32x & SEGA Nomad. Probably two of the most unnecessary products SEGA ever released. The Genesis was cartridge based system and SEGA decided to release a CD add-on, fine. At that time everyone was getting into the CD format so I could understand the investment. It wasn't successful, but hey at least they tried. Then SEGA ups and decides to release a cartridge based add-on to a cartridge based system? That in itself was illogical. The SEGA Nomad..... Who's bright idea was it to release a handheld that was meant to play Genesis games? Especially after the Saturn had just released a couple of months prior? It was big waste of resources that should have been put towards the Saturn. Another big part in SEGA's demise was that they were manufacturing way too many products at one time. The Master System, Genesis, Game Gear, Nomad & Saturn were all being manufactured at the same time. One could only imagine the amount of resources that were being drained. SEGA Saturn failing also didn't help their predicament.

There are so many things that contributed to SEGA's downfall. The fact that people seem to think that Nintendo's is following the path of SEGA really baffles me. The sad part is that the "so-called" journalists that write those type of pieces are as mis-informed as the gamers who say stuff as such. It's like I said, I loved SEGA as a gaming company. SEGA did some great things in the industry, but their good was severely outweighed by the bad business decisions.

Neonridr1490d ago

well said. Nintendo would have to make some colossal failures for years to come for them to be even considered in the same category. The Wii was extremely profitable for Nintendo, regardless if you liked the console or not. And Nintendo has always had a successful handheld division to help keep money flowing into the company.

InTheLab1489d ago

The only difference between Sega and Nintendo is that Sega does not have a mega hit handheld every gen and didn't have what's basically a fluke hit with one of it's consoles.

Nintendo has released quite a few bombs over the years. Power Glove, R.O.B., Virtual Boy, power mats, vitality sensors, etc.

Of course it's considered innovation when Nintendo does it but when Sega launches game streaming on consoles back in the 90's and it fails, it's called wasting resources.

What many site as the true reason behind the fall of Sega is the Saturn flop and abandonment in favor of the Dreamcast, which failed do to lack of consumer confidence and zero 3rd party support. Hell, the DC was basically the father of all modern consoles and was one of the most innovative consoles ever seen....but people still had a bad taste in their mouths over the Saturn, so one summer drought killed off the console.

Sound familiar? Just imagine where Sega would be if they had a mega hit handheld to hold them up for 25 years like Nintendo. Of course I'm not taking away what they accomplished with the Wii, but that was a fluke at best and only achieved 100m through unreliable consumers jumping on a fad.

Nintendo is every bit as screwed up organizationally as Sega was, only they have an instant hit Icon like Mario and their crazy popular handhelds to soften the blow of console failures...

Jay70sgamer1489d ago

I read everything you said but you are wrong when you stated nintendo failed home consoles...Nintendo has never had a failed console all their home consoles has made a profit ....all of them ....fact look it up

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1489d ago

"Wii U sales have been sluggish"

Still going off pre-SM3DW sales eh

filchron1488d ago

they still are extremely sluggish. no lies there, even after Mario Kart 8

tlougotg1489d ago

I just hope this is a huge wake up call for Nintendo. I hope they come back with a vengeance and make one of the most affordable/cutting edge next gen systems and focus on old and new ips, also making their online comparable to Sony and Microsoft and not so archaic with how you add friends and the system in general. They come hard like that and id be all over it and buy it immediately.

And damn i loved Sega lol too bad they went under like that i was so hype when i bought my Saturn.

filchron1488d ago

pull a SEGA? you mean create games that innovated in the gameplay AND graphics department? (480p rez at 60FPS while PS1 and n64 were doing 320x240i with no online play) yeah they definitely arent going to do that, so dont worry ;) that'd be like them releasing a 4K capable system with every title being MMO capable after the PS3/360. yeah, if you cant tell the author of this post is a ninty fanboy.

filchron1488d ago

320X240i at 20-30fps (exluding F-zero)

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