PS4 Gets Massive Price Cut At Australian Retailer

The PlayStation 4 launched in Australia at a price of $549 Australian dollars, which is a lot, considering the rate difference between US dollars and Australian dollars is negligible. Since then it's stuck at that price, and although the console was $50 cheaper than the Xbox One when that launched, since the removal of Kinect, the Xbox One has had a $100 price cut for the solus console bundle.

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frenchtoast1431d ago

I don't think Australians will see an official cut this big so I'd jump on this straight away if it was me.

sonarus1431d ago

So One person is selling ONE playstation for a discount on ebat and its news worthy?... COOL

Brettman20081431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Did you even read the story? The retailer Dick Smith has an ebay store and are selling if for $399 after discount. They have sold thousands of PS4s over the last week.

gaffyh1431d ago

Dick Smith is a major retailer in Australia, its not just some guys name

BlackWolf121431d ago


You thought Dick Smith was the name of a person, not the store.

Well actually the guy who founded the company is named Dick Smith, but that's besides the point.

DoubleYourDose1431d ago

Dick Smith is a funny name for a major retailer.