WWE 2K15 Roster: Predicting 36 Names Kept Secret

What Culture: The WWE 2K15 roster reveal this past Saturday was surprisingly limited in scope. We only found out fifty-six confirmed names for the game, which leaves us short by thirty-six wrestlers of the game’s reported ninety-two total superstars. Many fans immediately took to social media, voicing their concerns at the big name stars missing from the game. Fear not though, we fully expect those names to be added in due course, and we’ll run through the expected wrestlers in this feature.

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ZombieGamerMan1491d ago

I bet that as far as the main roster from WWE is concerned we'll see Christian, Edge and Paige but I bet most of the remaining slots will be for NXT wrestlers since the career mode has you in NXT.

Exies71491d ago

I hope so. NXT is the best show they have atm.

ZombieGamerMan1491d ago

It makes the most sense since Tyson Kidd is in the roster and he's mainly an NXT guy now plus the story mode isn't like 30 YOWM or Attitude Era where half the roster is guys from the old days.

CorndogBurglar1491d ago

Brooklyn Brawler

Koko Beware

Doink the Clown

The Red Rooster

Tekno Team 2000

Xanta Klaus


Repo Man

All of these please.

RockstarMark1491d ago

@CorndogBurglar You forgot IRS and WCW legend - The Shockmaster!

CorndogBurglar1491d ago

lol, IRS. Yeah, he was great too.

What about the fake Razor Ramon and Diesel?

BillytheBarbarian1491d ago

I've been patient waiting for Barry Horowitz

Suspect6151486d ago

The fake razor ramon and diesel huh? If you have played any wrestling game in the past you have been playing as or atleast seen the fake diesel over and over again. He is a wrestler known as Kane.