Jimmy Fallon and Pierce Brosnan Play GoldenEye 007 for N64

CraveOnline: "As crazy as it might seem, in just six days GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 will celebrate its 17 year anniversary. Made by Rare at the height of its popularity, GoldenEye 007 was a game that absolutely blew the gaming industry away, earning a variety of game awards including BAFTA’s Console Game of the Year, a huge honor at the time. Many would argue that it was the first great FPS on consoles, paving the way for multi-million dollar franchises like Halo and Call of Duty that would follow."

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Relientk771462d ago

That was cool, but they should have played GoldenEye longer.

JonnyBigBoss1462d ago

I wanted to see Pierce die more.

Relientk771462d ago

I actually wanted Pierce to go all James Bond on his @ss, and be surprisingly awesome at it lol

sonarus1462d ago

Man i almost forgot how ridiculous n64 controller is. What is it with Nintendo and not making regular controllers. The wii u game pad is probably the single biggest reason i don't have a wii u smh.

3-4-51462d ago

uhhh. The gamepad is awesome.

ALL of Nintendo's controllers work well.

MOST of the people complaining have never given them a chance.

They judge on looks and appearance alone.

Kind of shallow.

LackTrue4K1462d ago

Wow!!!! 17 years ago!!!! This was the first FPS I ever played....I was on this game for years! Loved it. I miss simple gameplay like this, TimeSplitters also comes to mind.

bunt-custardly1462d ago

I always see the boxart with the Bond big lips now.

Geobros1462d ago

wow!!! One of the best FPS of all time!!

Agent20091462d ago

Take those nostalgia glasses off, sir, they're making you blind.

scark921462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Yeah, it was a pioneer but that's a bit of a high title, It was one of my first shooter and I am happy about that.

BlackTar1871462d ago

You're tripping. Goldeneye is one of the best FPS of all time. You views these things thru Nostaglia glasses and the value they provided at the time.

Goldeneye made FPS MP the future of MP games.

cpayne931462d ago

Goldeneye is easily one of the most influential and innovative shooters of all time. You can say it hasn't aged well, but you have to understand what it accomplished, although personally I find the game to still be a lot of fun today. Much more challenging than most shooters.

WilliamUsher1462d ago

It was a bit painful to watch because even avid gamers had a tough time making use of the N64 controllers. I pretty much knew when Brosnan gave that look at the three-pronged, alien-designed controller, he wasn't going to be able to navigate so great.

He didn't do as bad as I thought, but it was still kind of painful to watch.

ape0071462d ago

one of the absolute greatest games ever

HugoDrax1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

"Mr. Bond, you persist in defying my efforts to provide an amusing death for you."
- Hugo Drax

Being the bond fan that I am, this is easily my favorite shooter of all time. My Xbox gamertag, my PSN ID, n4g and ign handle are all based on James Bond characters. Bond will always be apart of my life as a gamer :-)

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The story is too old to be commented.