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My Response To A Grand Theft Auto V Delay: Yes, Please

If GTAV doesn't launch until 2015, that's just fine. There are plenty of very large games on the immediate horizon that will take up a lot of time. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Starbucks_Fan  +   165d ago
If they are going to delay it, they better have a damn good reason for doing so. Like Heists.

Was really hoping for this year :/
BiggerBoss  +   165d ago
Yeah there better be a good reason. I never got the argument "there's too many good games releasing so a delay is good for my wallet". In that case you can just buy the other games, and by the time you're done GTA V will actually be cheaper. Just my two cents
spacedelete  +   164d ago
well stfu to the author of the title. just because you don't want it early doesn't mean everyone else is fine waiting. why do gamers have to be so greedy and selfish ? i hope they do bring it out this year as theres no reason to delay a freaking remastered game.
DarkOcelet  +   165d ago
Too many games so little time .
PinkEye  +   165d ago
Not for me. The games I wanted the most have been delayed this year. Maybe others are satisfied with this years offerings, but I'm not. Need more new games, not just remastered games. Dragon Age Inquisition is looking decent though...
jimjam3442  +   165d ago
if this gets delayed ill be pissed.
SeanScythe  +   165d ago
This and far cry 4 are my top games to get. They better not delay it, watchdogs left a gap in my life for open world gaming that needs to be filed.
ArtificiallyYours  +   165d ago
If it's to further improve the game then why not.

I'd rather every hyped feature actually be used at launch, instead of launch builds with half of them not working at all or causing save corruptions.
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CerealKiller  +   165d ago
There will be no delay.
JonnyBigBoss  +   165d ago
There's no delay.

I know.
JimmyDM90  +   165d ago
If it gets delayed into 2015 it seems like fewer people would buy it. Early 2015 next gen exclusives start to kick into high gear and once that happens the demand for last gen ports goes down. Maybe if they released it in the dead of summer but otherwise it'll have some very stiff competition.

All that said. We have very little reason to believe the game has been delayed.
KwietStorm  +   165d ago
Batman, The Order, The Division, and The Witcher already got delayed. It GTA is delayed, screw 2014. This whole thing is really old. Early next year ain't helping my wallet anyway. I'd like to have at least something left on my list to play.
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kryteris  +   165d ago
Q3/Q4 2014
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oODEADPOOLOo  +   165d ago
It would do worse in sales if it got delayed its already a year old. By then it will be a two year old game made for last gen trying to compete with games like uncharted, batman, metal gear, the division, etc... just to name a few at the SAME price point, that were MADE for next gen from the ground up...just to lure in the few(relatively speaking from those who play video games regularly) who haven't already played it like myself...or those who already played it before. It seems to me their only possible motivation might be to wait until after holidays to milk an even larger player base from both xbox and playstation, while avoiding the holiday sales that would obligate them to discount game. I really hope it isn't delayed, it would be the dumbest thing I've heard all year.
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Scrivlar  +   164d ago
Don't think it will be delayed, it's just being assumed due to Rockstars silence which is pretty normal for them. But start making articles about delays and rile people up until they have to come out with a release date. That's my guess as to what's going on anyway.
jay2  +   164d ago
oh come on guys, look at TR:D, LOUR etc theres a LOT of games that have been remasted, have they had all the hype and shots/videos etc the ps3 ports and xbox 360 ports had? No. R* will have it this year, it was most likely in the works before we got it out in shops etc.
vicristion  +   164d ago
This year is one of the worst year in terms of games (very few games). I'm glad appeared the Last of Us Remastered, which I bought. Expected to occur Assassins Creed Unity that I will definitely buy it. And I expect some reviews from Alien Isolation and the Evil Within.
thricetold  +   164d ago
Hope those that chose to wait for a nextgen version don't plan on playing online as they are in for a frustrating time due to everyone else being such high levels. It's going to be a nightmare for them, truly.

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