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Majin-vegeta1431d ago

Awww man :(.Like they said could be people that were just hired to complete a project.

Abash1431d ago

I'd be worried but inFamous: Second Son was a big commercial success so Im sure this is just standard layoffs now that inFamous: First Light was completed

guitarded771431d ago

Yeah, they're finishing up the DLC expansion, then downsizing until the next big project goes into full development. Normal thing in the gaming industry.

Ozmoses1431d ago

well whoever it was better make sure they "Fetch" their last paycheck!

johndoe112111431d ago

Yeah, just waiting to see all the "sucker punch and sony are doomed" comments roll in. Don't know when people will realize that a lot of these companies hire people on project contracts. Once these projects are done they no longer have use for these people. The workers know this before they accept the contract. The only people who don't seem to know this are the ones wanting the companies to fail.

Torque_CS_Lewith1431d ago

Actually most of the layoffs are people who have been at Sucker Punch since the Sly Cooper days so your theory does not fit well

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system221431d ago

generally speaking they don't count those as layoffs. Those are just considered completed employment contracts. Layoffs usually indicate a downsizing in actual core staff... Including some prod contract employees

Thatguy-3101431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

layoffs usually occur when work is minimal so since First Light is done I'm pretty sure that's the case. Expect new people to get hired once they start their new projects.

system221431d ago


I know :) I work directly with a lot of major game studios for trailers and in game cinematics

johndoe112111431d ago

It boggles my mind the fact that you have disagrees for that comment.

Torque_CS_Lewith1431d ago

Actually most of the layoffs are people who have been at Sucker Punch since the Sly Cooper days so you are wrong in this case.
We are talking about people who have been there at least 10 years.

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meatysausage1431d ago

Hmm true, but would it really be a lay off if they were on a timed contract?
Unfortunate for those people

red2tango1431d ago

It was people who were hired from Zipper went it was closed that were hired just for Second Son.

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Starbucks_Fan1431d ago

Sucks. Hope they find good jobs soon.

izumo_lee1431d ago

OMG its the end of Sucker Punch! /s

That's what uninformed journalists are gonna say right? It happened with Sony Santa Monica & with Naughty Dog so Sucker Punch is in trouble right?....right?

TXIDarkAvenger1431d ago

No, its just you saying it.

izumo_lee1431d ago

I guess you missed the /s sarcasm here.

OpieWinston1431d ago

Layoffs are pretty common after major projects are finished.

The Naughty Dog layoffs/resignations weren't as a result of The Last of Us completion since the people leaving were Uncharted devs. That's why that got a lot of attention.

Dark111431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Oh boy here we go again
I hope they find new jobs soon.

johndoe112111431d ago

If you can, please elaborate on the first part of your comment.

Spotie1431d ago

He can't, and won't.

Industry norm. Again. I was wondering why such an article hadn't been posted already, then somebody mentioned First Light and it made sense.

No big deal, though I'm sure some would like it that way.

isa_scout1431d ago

I didn't like Second Son as much as InFamous 1 and 2(still got the platinum though) but I was under the impression that it sold well. Hate to see such talented people laid off, especially in this economy. Hope all those affected by these layoffs(hopefully it's not many) can find gainful employment elsewhere.
btw does anyone know how many copies InFamous Second Son sold? This news just seems strange given how successful Sony said it was.

admiralvic1431d ago

"This news just seems strange given how successful Sony said it was."

Considering First Light releases in a week or two, odds are this is your standard "we finished the project, so we got rid of the extra people we no longer need" and nothing more. With that being said, it might be a little more given the quote IGN has here ( ), though until we get more details, I would bet on it just being routine stuff and hardly anything to be worried about.

NattyGraham1431d ago

It has nothing to do with how well Second Son sold

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