The Order: 1886 Is Incredibly Terrible So Far

WhatIfGaming writes: "A disclaimer: no I did not play the full game, and no the final product is not out. Obviously it is not good to judge a title permanently until the final product (Watch Dogs) and it is good not to follow unwarranted hype either due to fancy CG/Real-Game Trailers."

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-Foxtrot1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Jeez...little angry, no?

I think it looks like a solid action shooter, I feel like it's getting harsh feedback for the stuff other games get a free pass on.

It's a new IP it should get the benefit of the doubt, it's not like it has something to live up to. Plus it's their first console game.

" We will have a review out on it after 1 week of release, and I cannot wait for it to prove me wrong. But somehow, I seriously doubt it."

I really think, judging from this "article", you've already made your mind up

GTgamer1461d ago

"I really think, judging from this "article", you've already made your mind up"

Indeed my friend the article was just terrible whether he was bashing another game or accusing employee's at Sony of being on Drugs not to mention the click bait title :/.

Cindy-rella1461d ago

i guess the author has the full game so far. i wonder if the author can tell us a lot more about this game.

so many times I've seen games I'm interested in and months before they are released i know a lot about the game because a lot is shown about the game and sort of spoils it for me. id literally be playing a game anticipating most of what i saw previously in previews.

very little has been shown about the order except for a few guns and how the mechanics of walking shooting and taking cover would work. the game has another 6 months before its released but it seems like people want to know a lot more about the game. i know a bit a bout the story and why the order exists. we know the protagonist some enemy types. i don't understand the need to know everything about this game.

NewMonday1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

the game won many awards at E3 and the new trailer got a positive reception, many people who were on the fence are excited by the game now.

but any game will have the few haters that just don't get it, be it Halo, Mario or Uncharted. so the Order will have it's inevitable share.

Dee_911461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Click bait? Not on my watch
"article" in all of its 3 paragraph glory^^
Makes disclaimer that he never played the game, then goes on to talk about how boring the game is...

bouzebbal1461d ago

no matter how hard troll articles like this one and garbage media is trying to talk bad about this game, they will fail!
this game hasn't got all these awards for no reason.
i played the gamescom demo myself and i was blown away by the graphics, animation and gun fights.

feb 25th cannot come soon enough!

UltraNova1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

What a clickbait piece of on earth did this got approved? Accusing people of taking drugs because our dear author doesn't like Sony's approach on a new IP? or even Sony for that matter...

Lets vote on banning this kind of games and let devs know we only like shooters from here on.

Some people...

nX1461d ago

Might consider to rename your website to
The title alone is flamebait but the article gives "incredibly terrible" a new meaning. Since when has gaming become so hateful? I for one am looking forward to this game since the reveal trailer, it has something very interesting to it and things like gameplay and framerate can be fixed in half a year.

thereapersson1461d ago

What I have noticed, is that everyone who likes this game is really for it, and everyone who has a cursory / cynical viewpoint of the game goes above and beyond with their hyperbole, throwing insults and cookie cutter criticism of the title. I haven't seen such a polarizing title in quite a while.

mixolydian_id1461d ago

It looks like it's going to be a fun game.

Not sure about the longevity of the game after all... it appears to be quiet linear... and just what else is there in the way of content?
The art direction and graphics are pretty decent.

In my opinion, nothing worse then forking out 40-50 smackers on a game and completing it in a couple of weeks.

Happened to me with Bioshock infinite... rinsed through it in 4 sittings... as great as the game was... it's now buried in my stack of games that never get played more then once.

Is it my fault that I'm not the sort that reads a book more then once?

Septic1461d ago

Its obvious flamebait lads. I know it, you know it, we all know it. There may be genuine concerns at this stage for CERTAIN elements of the game but to make an assessment like this from a slightly playable section? Really?


"the game won many awards at E3"

Lol hold on a minute. Remember your crusade against Titanfall? That game got the most awards at E3 a couple of years back and you said it was all 'manufactured'. Hypocrisy.

But yes, The Order 1886 is obviously going to attract hate like this because haters gonna hate. For me, this will most likely be the game to actually start off next-gen decisively. Nothing so far, in my opinion, has struct me as that next-gen game.

Last gen it was Gears of War. This gen it will be The Order 1886 (funnily enough both TPS cover shooters).

bouzebbal1461d ago


exactly! but what attracts me more with TO is the historical context and the story. need!

callahan091461d ago

Thanks @Dee_91. What a pathetic "article". Really, it's a blog, at best. It's just some guy spouting off as much negativity about Sony as he can in 3 paragraphs while keeping it focused on apparently the one game upcoming that he seems to think has no positive gameplay aspects. I just don't understand all the hate for the gameplay in this title. It looks really awesome, to me. I *LIKE* cinematic games. Some of my favorite parts of Uncharted 2 (and the media in general agrees) are the cinematic parts that just make you feel like you're experiencing an epic moment and have some form of control over it. It's really cool stuff, and The Order looks to replicate that feel throughout much of it.

I don't understand why people are so quick to criticize this game for being "shoot, cut scene, shoot, cut scene" when the "cut scenes" are really just 1 to 5 second little flairs that help move things forward in the right direction and a little aspect of dynamism to the scene and setting as opposed to just strafing in circles all the time and getting lost when you can't figure out where to go next, as if those things are more *engaging* than having the camera zoom in on something for 2 seconds and then return your reticle to the screen so you know you're in control. I dunno. I love the style in this game, and if people don't like it, then it's the GENRE you don't like. There is plenty of room for this kind of experiencing in the gaming pantheon!

His cracks at Beyond: Two Souls seemed unnecessary to me as well. That was another game I loved. It's not going to be a genre for everyone... that doesn't mean you have to crap on it and make it out to be some piece of garbage (he literally called it "beyond garbage") just because you prefer a different breed of game.

sonarus1461d ago

Well i haven't played the full game but the game did get 25 awards at E3 which should count for something. I don't think the game will be terrible but i don't think it will become one of Sonys epic franchises. I don't even think it will be as good as Resistance series but we can hope.

The whole 1800 setting is just boring to me. Then they balance that out by giving us futuristic weapons, lame. The only thing i feel this game has going for it is monster battles with warewolves and stuff. They need to be almost focused completely on that because so far thats the only thing i have seen from this game that sparks any interest, well that and graphics anyways

LordMaim1461d ago

First line in the article:
"A disclaimer: no I did not play the full game, and no the final product is not out."

Stopped reading instantly.

JP13691460d ago


Thank you, sir! Now I don't even have to give this jerkoff site a click before voting it down.

GDDR6_20141460d ago

It's a precious exclusive, just look at the comment history of the people that are so defensive about games like this

SirBradders1460d ago

@Sonaris I watched a video about the weapons and they had engineers create the weapons out of methods/materials that was around in them times.

When you think about it the lore will probably explain why these things were created, it just means it's an alternate reality based in them times I.e. The monsters.

Everything we have on this earth presently could have been created any time we just needed that genius at any given moment.

guitarded771460d ago

Say people are "defensive" of the game is just stupid. The game isn't even out and it's gets so much crap. Sites talked up games like Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens Colonial Marines, then they came out and they were turds. Both games were so bad that a demo could have told that they would suck. But The Order 1886 demos have been interesting... with variation from the typical 3rd person cover shooter. Tense life or death events, moody England backdrop, puzzle solving using environment and artifacts, etc... but so many crap sites want to paint it as some boring Gears clone.

What if this game was a Nintendo exclusive? Would there be the same criticism? What if it were a MS exclusive? Would people be calling it "washed out" visually? Sony is always held to some stupid standard by fanboys with a website, and when people call them out on their BS, they get labeled as "defensive". This hypocritical double standard is BS. It's been like this since the PS3's launch. So much so that even big, formerly respectable sites have taken to this formula because the kids think it's cool.

The Order reminds me of a hybrid of Resistance Fall of Man and Gears... two series I loved. But it also has its own thing going on. So if you think Resistance and Gears sucked, then you may not like this type of game... but if you liked them, then it will probably be awesome.

DragonKnight1460d ago

Yeah, this guy is a tool. Notice how he complains that The Order 1886 is like Gears of War?

Now notice his Gears of War 3 review.

See what I mean? Tool.

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nicksetzer11461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I honestly feel like this game is going to be incredibly boring and not up my alley, probably thinking this review seems to match what I've seen. (IMO of course, some like linear story games with focus on graphics) However, that isn't really a worry for me because games like uncharted 4, RIME, no man's sky and wild look AMAZING, obviously everybody won't like every game that comes to PS4. I don't see why, just because you disagree with his opinion (even though he has played the game and most commenting haven't) makes his article "garbage."

@foxtrot "I really think, judging from this "article", you've already made your mind up"

At least he played a good portion of the game and has a pretty rounded idea of what to expect. You seem to have already decided it is great simply from watching a few videos.

"It's a new IP it should get the benefit of the doubt, it's not like it has something to live up to. Plus it's their first console game. "

So because it is a new IP it can be terrible and people shouldn't say anything?

OsirisBlack1461d ago

First of all he has not "Played a good portion of the game." as the ONLY thing that has been played by the media or public is the same 5 minute demo that was revealed at E3. This article is click bate and full of hyperbole and not worth the time it took to read.

The new trailer shows quite a bit of new gameplay and more open and diverse locations. Cannot wait for this game to come out, when it does there will not be a crow in the sky.

gootimes1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Nah, you can tell it is flame bait by reading it... The wording he uses and such. I think the game looks really fun, I will wait until reviews of it come out of the final product to decide whether or not I purchase.

Ezz20131461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

it's gonna be fun reading your comments on QB previews
which pretty much is the same game but with different type of slow motion

gonna be fun read

nicksetzer11461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

@ezz No, QB is like uncharted (which I just stated I am looking forward to) max payne, etc ... what will be "fun" is seeing you let someone have an opinion without feeling the need to defend it with your life. I personally am not interested in what I have seen so far from the order, Quantum break could also go either way.

hOoDnErD1461d ago

I've played it... It's not terrible! If The Order is terrible then Gears and any other cover based TPS is shit 2!

vega2751461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

From what I saw so far I have to agree with the article. Nothing ive seen so far made me think this game would be employable other than the graphics. If anything it just makes me feel like this game is on rails and more like heavy rain and beyond. Where it's mostly cut scene, very little gameplay and more cut scene.

I may get it when it hits the bargain bin at game stop or just pass

tee_bag2421461d ago

I too think this game looks as boring as sh#t. I love the theme but its yet another corridor TPS.

Corpser1461d ago

Guys that made psp games are not going to suddenly make the next Uncharted lol, maybe after some more expierence

k3rn3ll1460d ago


Regardless of whether you agree with this article this comments section us a little out of line. What I hope the mods on this site will do, is take action against people that are taking screen shots of the page and posting it so the writer is not given the traffic. This is ridiculous people. I've seen this done a few times in that's out of line. That needs to be stopped.

Also I myself will buy this game provided it doesn't receive of reviews saying not to. But to say new ip, with a first time developer should get the benefit of the doubt is ridiculous. That's exactly the opposite. Of what should happen. If a new IP is made it shouldn't get a ton purchases because it's pretty. Get out of here with that. Their is a reason why Crysis games didn't sell fantastically. Regardless of what you have been reported by many people, great graphics don't make a game. And I'll never buy a game that's awful just as quick as I won't buy an awful game with good graphics.

tiffac0081460d ago

So we make decisions now by not playing the game? Come on guys thats doesn't make any sense. Wait for the demo at least.

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testerg351461d ago

foxtrot, but everyone does the same thing. How many games, that is still far from release, have "gamers" said that the game will be great and can't wait for it. I believe most fanboys from each side do it all the time.

Tuviejacalata1461d ago

If it looks like shit, smells like shit, feels like shit, than it must be shit . Sony has been very lazy this gen and it's trying to overhyped a cool looking game (in screenshots) but with a weak gameplay.

AngelicIceDiamond1461d ago

All things considered I think its good to see any sort of opinions weather its good or bad.

Honest feedback is crucial in this point of development.

But one guy doesn't equal the world we just have to see more of it as time goes on.

Other than that the game still looks great to me.

bloodybutcher1461d ago

I'm not sure about that, for me it looks like it might be a bit too corridor-y. I am certain that it's not gonna be my day 1 purchase, this will go to The Witcher 3 and,perhaps, DA Inquisition.

legionsoup1461d ago

He is certainly entitled to his opinion, but instead of constantly complaining about the game, he could have been professional and actually reported on the game. Given details about the game. The controls. The graphics. The enemies. The weapons. Anything.

I am having trouble believing he even played it.

Fireseed1461d ago

Lair... all I'm gonna say.

Spotie1460d ago

I assume you're talking about the author of this article.

Psychotica1460d ago

Dragon's Lair? That was an awesome game for it's era..

maniacmayhem1461d ago

You know Foxtrot, I remember you were pretty hard on Titanfall a while back and that too was a new IP. Shouldn't you have given that game the same benefit of a doubt that you are asking others to give The Order

-Foxtrot1460d ago

Well if you read those comments correctly maybe you would of realised I was talking about the fact people were over hyping it because it looked amazing and fresh despite the fact it looked like COD with elements from other games....things we had seen before.

The other point I made was the fact it was an online only game.

If the Order was 12 hours for example...a pure single player game and another person played Titanfall, they would of probably played all the maps, experienced everything the game has to offer before your HALF WAY through the campaign.

Then by the time you've finished the person of Titanfall would of most likely sicked himself playing on the same thing over and over. By this time you could start a second playthrough and go after all the collectibles and other hidden goodies....maybe you might even do a third playthrough on the hardest mode.

Fact is what I was mainly talking about is it looked nothing special.

Least with The Order 1886 it has a certain charm to it with it's setting...I've never seen a no-victorian setting before with weapons made by Nikola Tesla

I really don't why your bringing someone up from ages ago...out of context. If you haven't seen people now are saying what a disappointed Titanfall was, even die hard Xbox fans so you know.

maniacmayhem1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

And if you would have read most comments and from other ones about this game some are saying it looks generic and nothing new from other 3rd person shooters they have played in the past.

The fact that actual live people played Titanfall, gamers, reviewers and others and praised it and you still condemned it as a CoD with Mechs just shows your bias as you never even touched the game just like maybe some of these reviewers never touched The Order.

But now you want a wait and see treatment for The Order when you gave none for Titanfall.

The rest of your example makes no sense as you are speculating on two games you yourself never played so how can you even begin to think that one experience is better than the other.

Not to mention why would someone get sick of a multiplayer game that changes with new players daily and not a single player game that has no replay value other than finding hidden secrets that does not effect the ending or gameplay at all? We have people playing CoD Modern Warfare 2 and how long did Halo 2 and 3 see players? And yet you think people are going to spend more time on a single player, linear experience?

The fact is you are giving The Order a pass and did no such thing for Titanfall as you were in every article telling everyone it's nothing special, it's overhyped even though YOU NEVER PLAYED the game. Yet this game which you haven't played either gets a pass, what is this game doing any different than a regular 3rd person cover shooter??

colonel1791461d ago

I think people should compare The Oder more to Uncharted than COD, Gears of War. I think The Order is just doing what Uncharted has done great: Focusing on the narrative and have a cinematic experience. Uncharted gameplay is not one of the best, but the action sequences, story and characters is what make it special. You could even say the same about TLOU.

I think The Order 1886 is trying to accomplish just that.

cell9891461d ago

Um.. Uncharted has tight controls and great gameplay, what the actual F are you talking about lol. It's the fact that ND was able to blend masterfully; shooting mechanics, puzzles, platforming, cinematics,and character development that makes Uncharted have great Gameplay. What do you consider great gameplay? Gears' run n gun-space marined-roided grunts-cover n fire gameplay?

metalmatters1460d ago

I disagree @colonel179 Uncharted gameplay is some of the most fluid natural gameplay available, a perfect blend and pace of cover based shooting, exploration, platrforming and cinematics. Gameplay in Uncharted is great.

I think what The order is trying to accomplish is a nice balanced blend of Uncharted hollywood like cinematic set pieces with Gears of War shooting mechanics, but way more fluid and natural than Gears has so far done. The small glimpses that we've seen, show a very natural feel between cutscenes and gameplay. Too soon to judge if its GOTY material or overhyped

LonDonE1461d ago

In all fairness the game play shown so far is nothing that exciting!! and i just cant put my finger on it but some thing about the shooting mechanics seem off or clunky! time will tell! i love the lore and setting and the story elements, but so far i am worried it will be another over hyped first party PS4 game which is rushed and lacks substance like killzone and knack and infamous ss.

I know allot of the Sony drones will down vote me for hurting their feelings but its the truth!!
I hate to repeat myself but look at my avatar pic!
Come to think of it even the X1 semi-exclusives (LOL) have been lack lustre.

So far most of the first party games on PS4 have been flashy graphics but not much substance.
Killzone 2 and even 3 were light years better then KZSF, story and game play wise while still having awesome graphics which still hold up today!!
Infamous SS while stunning at native 1080p and running buttery smooth north of 40fps for the most part again content and story wise pales in comparison to infamous 1 and 2.
Lastly we have knack which is a good game in its own right and has good graphics but is rubbish compared to jak and daxter 1,2 and 3 and the ratchet and clank series on PS3.

And even on Xbox the exclusives have been a mess, frame rates all over the place dipping below 30fps LOL and they cant even render at 1080p! like i said so far i know its early on in the generation and launch window games are usually like this, but still i cant help but be disappointed!

While i love the order 1886 being set in my home town of London and looking graphically stunning i cant help but feel worried that yet again it will have lack lustre game play and will focus more on graphics! Lets hope i am wrong and they WOW US!!
So down vote me all you want haters, what i say above is true! while i enjoyed and own all of the above games i have so far been disappointed.

cell9891461d ago

Stealth trolling at its best, here you've earned a medal for your efforts, try harder next time if you want a trophy

LonDonE1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

@Saito @cell989
LMAO you guys are a bunch of snotty nosed kids! and cry whenever anyone has a different opinion to you! this site is infested with pre pubescent children and men who are children in every way!

Just because i dont have the same opinions as you means i am the enemy! that is laughable! EVERYTHING i said above most true core gamers who play on EVERY PLATFORM would agree with me on!
So far the games on PS4 and X1 have been lack lustre! When you decide to become men and grow up, get a job and buy EVERY PLATFORM and stop with the childish fan boy allegiances to pieces of plastic then you will have finally progressed to becoming part of the TRUE MASTER RACE! THE MULTI CONSOLE GAMER!

I love games and i play them on every platform, i call out bullshit when i see it, unlike allot of the young kiddies here on N4G who do nothing but get all wet when they here anything SONY!!or Microsoft/Nintendo!
Seriously its annoying as hell!

I dont have any agenda because unlike allot of the losers on N4G i own and play on every platform and so have no reason to have any kind of agenda.

And i took a pic of my gaming set up to prove it! unlike allot of you kids who get your mummies to buy you only the one console and so you feel you have to justify the purchase to yourselves while always trashing the consoles you couldn't afford!!! LOLOLOLOL

so far NOTHING i have seen of the order is anything earth shattering! its looks pretty i give it that! but everything else looks average so far! we just have not seen enough of the game to decide either way! its getting beyond a joke watching all you fan girls get your knickers all up in a bunch whenever anyone has a different opinion to you!

@Saito and cell989
The fact you both have 2 bubbles SAYS IT ALL! maybe you do the stealth trolling your selves due to being too poor for owning every platform! yes i have preferences and if any of you retarded kids would of looked at my comment history you would clearly see i favour Sony most of the time! however unlike you fellow babies i speak out if i dont agree with some thing or if i have a problem with some thing!
After all this is a gaming website where all of us post our OPINIONS! learn not to get all salty and jelly just because some of us can afford to buy and game on every platform and so can form unbiased opinions!! unlike most of you fanboy girls!!! LMAO U MAD BRO? SALTY MUCH?

gman_moose1461d ago


One of the most immature posts I've seen on N4G. You try to take the high road, then drive off a cliff. Well done.

Hope you know how ironic it was when you said being a grown up is getting a job and buying all consoles, then go on to make references to "master race". Then you end with the ever popular grown up terms "u mad bro" and "salty".

How old are you? Because from your last post, it really doesn't seem like you've progressed past your teens yet. Might want to take a look in the mirror before telling folks on here to man up.

On topic. The "in" thing to do now is completely tear down any game that has hype. Website looking for hits, nothing to see here. Move along.

LordMaim1461d ago

I'll start listening to what you're saying when you stop preaching supremacy of one platform over another. Delivery method is only one small part of the equation. It only matters when it impacts the software's performance in a meaningful way.

OT: The Order 1886 looks like a game with excellent graphics that we have seen exactly 10 minutes of in various iterations (including cutscenes). Past that, we have literally 0 knowledge or experience of its content, even in the media. The graphics look incredible and the developer has an excellent track record. I'm willing to wait until the game is /actually done/ to judge whether it's good or bad.

gangsta_red1460d ago


I don't know how long you have been on this site but you should have just said something bad about the Xbox and it's games. You would have been at least 6 bubbles with that and well saids all around.

You can't state a negative opinion about a Sony game or it's automatically labeled a xbox fanboy. Even though The Order has not shown anything groundbreaking or different and is so far just trying to impress everyone with graphics as almost every past Sony has done so far.

Sony fanboys want people to wait and judge the game after it comes out. Funny, they didn't do the same for Titanfall.

gman_moose1460d ago


Why must Sony always be the one to bring new ideas and innovation into the industry? Why can't they make a game that just is what it is? I don't see any innovation from any Xbox games, but it doesn't mean people can't like them. Maybe the Order will be a boring repetitive shooter, but maybe, just maybe there's more to the game than the 5 minute demo these guys are basing their opinions on.

As for Titanfall, not sure what point you're trying to make. Or are you just going off topic because you have a weak argument?

LonDonE1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

The irony of you telling me about immaturity when you have a name like gman moose??? LMAO
FACE PALM! if your too dense to realise that i was using terms like master race and salty etc to indirectly have a dig at the people i was replying to by further treating them like the kids which they clearly are, then that's your problem! who even asked you for your opinion?

Thanks man, this site is just getting worse and worse! and you are completely right! if i would of just trashed the X1 and acted like the order 1886 was the second coming of Christ people would of been ready to suck me off!!
But because i keep it real, i get hate! plain and simple.

I find people who cant afford more then one platform are usually the worst fan boys.
And what's worse is allot of these dudes are so called grown men! just jump on youtube and see how many countless men who are married with children like me but are spreading hatred and having worthless arguments online with strangers about pieces of plastic! it is beyond a joke.

@gman goose
you made a comment
"There's nothing worth owning for either system, if we are all being honest with ourselves. Bunch of rush jobs and half assed efforts from both sides. Ironically, it was the third parties that shined brighter, but that's still not saying much." #1.2.14
230d ago by gman_moose

So in essence you agree with me? this comment is pretty much what i was saying above! so far the exclusives on PS4 and X1 have been lack lustre.
Go ahead and amuse your self with another reply! i am not even going to bother with you.

Quiescent1460d ago

You are a sad fake. Go get your brain examined.

gman_moose1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Who asked my opinion? Same person who asked for yours. Taking shots at a poster's handle is always a good way to win a debate by the way. Not sure how it's relevant to the topic, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I try not to argue with internet troll kids.

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FanboyKilla1461d ago

im glad someone said it. i totally agree, what we have seen this far is terrible. yeah i know it isnt out yet, but its been what 3 years or so they have been working on it, and this is what they got. what in the hell could they do in six months?

reko1461d ago


uh-huh nice try LOL lame ass!

Pricey1461d ago


Please don't kill yourself even if you are a fanboy.

nX1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

You are cancer to this site, none of your comments is without an agenda. Sad troll.

styferion1461d ago

What a terrible article, it's only 3 paragraphs full of whining and insulting Sony instead of constructive criticism on the game itself.

LordMaim1461d ago

To provide constructive criticism, the author would actually have to play the game and want to improve the game rather than tear it down.

imt5581461d ago

When i saw Beyond : Two Souls article i just stop reading.

Meatyboy1461d ago

Getting defensive guys, did this article upset you?

RIP_Weazel1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Nope, his opinion is his own (However misguided or knee-jerk) but his use of the English language is appalling.

Evidently grammar isn't a requisite necessity for games journalism.

That upsets me.

xx4xx1460d ago

Its hilarious that the people who have not played the game are so upset by the opinion of someone who has actually played the game.

Aside from the beautiful graphics, the word on this game for the past year has been that it is filled with linear game play and qte's. At this point, is our any real surprise?

come_bom1461d ago

"The Order: 1886 Is Incredibly Terrible So Far"

The game looks very good, but graphics doesn't make a good game. Let's wait and see what comes out of it. I think I'll wait for reviews on this one.

asmith23061461d ago

Never thought it looked great to begin with. I'm betting on 6's and 7's for this game.