Should Betas Be Pre-Order Incentives?

Pixel Gate Uk writes:

''The Destiny Beta is already solid, heck even the Alpha was, but is it solid enough to sell it to the masses? The general reaction is positive, with most people coming over to the concept of the MMO like nature of Bungie’s next big thing. The confusion that surrounded Destiny has seemingly been eradicated as a result of both the Alpha and the Beta. As more and more people become aware of exactly what Destiny. This has led to a few curious questions over the new role of Betas, both in terms of the game and it’s marketing.''

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FITgamer1456d ago

I don't see a problem with it. I mean, you could always cancel your pre-order.

PixelGateUk1456d ago

I personally canceled it based on them locking endgame to friends only groups, that and i don't really have time for a MMO style game thanks to work at the moment!

admiralvic1456d ago

I personally like when they do betas as pre-order incentives, since there really isn't a negative aspect. For one thing, it makes the beta easy to get in (just preorder / cancel if you want to try it out) and it removes the "luck" aspect of getting in. The beta also works as an early early access demo, so if you don't care for the beta, then you can simply cancel your preorder and not be disappointed at release. Speaking of which, since the beta is pretty much an early demo, absolutely nothing is lost by offering it as a preorder bonus and it's hard to have negative feelings towards it (versus content people feel might have been withheld / removed or physical items that are either short lived or require explanations to get). Finally, most of these preorder betas aren't about finding bugs per se, but are more tests of the server and these huge numbers increase the likelihood of the launch being successful. Sure it doesn't guarantee it, but it's better to have a strong test (Destiny) to have the best chance of being successful at launch.

TL;DR There is no downside to betas being offered as a pre-order bonus.