Dragon Age: Inquisition more details and screens unveiled, 4 Races and more

More details about Dragon Age: Inquisition has been unveiled, The info has been added in the newly updated page on the game’s official website.

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700p1431d ago

This game is gonna be amazing

Pisque1430d ago

No, like the previous games of the series it will be garbage for 3 major reasons:

1- Graphics that look really bad
2- Too difficult
3- This is too much of an RPG to be good. I mean, who plays RPGs nowadays? It's the most boring genre ever created.

XtraTrstrL1430d ago

Looking good. So what's up with those rumors, is it gonna have co-op or not?

Saints941430d ago

Literally nothing has been said about any multiplayer or co-op. EA has stated that every game will have an online component, but the Dragon Age Keep where you make your save states fills that role.

anticlimax1430d ago

'More details', we already knew that mages are magicky types, and rogues stab folks in the back. Anyone who ha ever played a DA game knows what the races are. That's not 'more'.