Game Art for Gamers 101: Introduction

"Game Art for Gamers [is] a weekly series that will challenge you to see past the “graphics” and see the details."

"One of the long-standing problems [seen] among gamers, news media, and the general public is a lack of understanding to what makes games so much of an art. In fact it seems the concept of games as art is very vague for people...for many gamers “good graphics” are what make a game interesting, pretty, or unique; but no one is asking “Why”?"

"Each week...a different subject starting with topics around the principles of art and design and how they relate to games, eventually working towards analysis of specific games, characters, and artists."

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generic-user-name1497d ago

Alright, nice. There aren't enough articles like these, looking forward to the rest of them.

digitalwolf1497d ago

Also if there's anything you'd like to see in the series please tell me! the next months articles are already written but i will be making adjustments as time goes!

Rebel_Scum1496d ago

After reading this article I take it sprite sheets aren't going to be featured?

digitalwolf1496d ago

That would be more on the topic of animation than design which i will get into at some point.

But that's sort a separate beast, so i would expect that topic to take a whole month :P

But that's further down the line from the current topics. but you can expect it to come.

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Rebel_Scum1496d ago

Yeah cool. Hard to find information on that on the webs.