C’mon, Sony, You Can Admit Why You Delayed Until Dawn

From the article, "The official line, and it’s certainly a truthful statement, is that the game is going to look and sound better on the PS4. And that’s absolutely true; even if it isn’t optimized for the hardware, the bump up in processing power and speed will definitely help the game be the best it possibly can.

That said, notably missing from Sony’s discussion was what was once a rather key feature of Until Dawn: Motion controls."

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DarkOcelet1490d ago

I think its gonna be great and maybe better without the motion controls , a good time to be a horror fan .

Eonjay1490d ago

Delayed vs changed targets. That would be like saying that Ryse (originally for x360) was delayed. It was never given a release date so it would be more accurate to say it switched targets.

PaleMoonDeath1490d ago

This is pretty much the horror version of Heavy Rain, should be interesting.. not to happy with the stereotype teenage characters, it's hard to invest effort into characters I think the world would be better without haha!

SolidGear31490d ago

The whole point is that it's supposed to be like a cheesy teen slasher movie. It's actually the appeal as well since I don't believe it's been done :3

Tsar4ever011482d ago

It was delayed because they switched development from the PS3 to the PS4.