Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed isn’t Offensive

From the article, "As a female, video game journalist, [Jenni Lada is] also asked if I find certain games that I have to play for work offensive. Friends and family are sometimes shocked by titles I play, with Senran Kagura most recently raising quite a few eyebrows. When Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed came around, people started asking my opinion again. After all, this is a game with a protagonist who runs around Akihabara, ripping NPCs’ clothing off. So here it is – Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is harmless and inoffensive."

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LightDiego1430d ago

It's not offensive at all, i'm tired to see these white knights wannabe from the media criticizing everything and trying to ruin games.
InternetAristocrat from Youtube made a great point in a recent video, saying that we don't need people like Fish, Anita or Kotaku taking over, i prefer a funny game like Akiba's Trip anytime.

donwel1429d ago

Xseed actually added male fanservice (the ability to also strip male NPCs) for the localisation, mainly for giggles I think, but also to cover their arses incase the SJWs caught wind of it.
Didn't do them much good though as the SJWs STILL found something to whine about.
I'll definitely be grabbing this when it comes to the UK though, it looks like too much of a funny game to just let pass by.

CrimsonAzure1429d ago

People are just waaaay too sensitive nowadays. Give a femiman a computer and a blog and he'll type up his college thesis on how much the world offends him.