The 7 Deadly Sins of Video Game Reviewing

The job of reviewing video games is becoming quite the ethical minefield. With very public instances of publishers pressuring critics to keep quiet and stick to embargo dates there's more and more talk about how game reviewers should behave. Both MTV and Variety have fired bold shots across the hull of video game journalism. Steven Totilo started the conversation by proposing a "Reviewer's Bill of Rights," motioning for the granting of more breathing room to the beleaguered critic. Variety's Ben Fritz continued in his self-appointed role as journalistic watchdog by returning fire. His "Bill of Responsibilities" laid down the law with regards to disclosure, use of review code and even how much of a game reviewers should play (Fritz says, "all").

In response to all these grim calls to action, GameDaily are going to get downright preachy and argue for good writing over angelic behavior. Whether you're reviewing a game as a product or examining it as a work of art, how you make your arguments is, in my mind, much more important than where you're making them from. Hence, the "Seven Deadly Sins of Video Game Reviewing."

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crazy250003836d ago

All those reviewers are full of themselves. Lost all credibility when they rated Halo as a 9.6 and MGS4 as they are just so dumb.

JeepGamer3836d ago

"In a post about Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Tycho from Penny Arcade pointed out a bit of game review weaseling that I myself have been guilty of. "Most reviews I have read," he said, "can be simmered down to 'If you like Metal Gear, you'll like it.'"

No, if you like good, well made, high quality games you'll like it. I like how he's going on about "deadly sins" of game reviewing then mentions such a non-credible source? Tycho is a 360 fanboy to the hilt, and Penny Arcade has been on the anti-Sony bandwagon for quite awhile now, going back to the PS2.

Enigma_20993836d ago

...not their opinions on gaming.

level 3603835d ago

The biggest sin being a lot of these journalists are really biased.

Rarely do I get to see and read neutral repoting about game reviews these days.