Resident Evil: Revelations 2 leaked

Images discovered on the official Xbox website have revealed the existence of Resident Evil: Revelations 2.

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cfc781497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

To early to tell but I see this could be another MS deal but good news anyway if true.

LaviniaMadzivi1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Prob not an MS exclusive.

Really excited if this is true. I actually enjoyed the first a lot.

Although the box art does look kind of fake. . .

Psygnosis3331497d ago

the revelation was solid..biggest problem was chapters was too short..and the story was like a B movie..chapters where dividet too much..

thehobbyist1497d ago

Don't know why you'd think that since the first one was initially 3DS exclusive.

cfc781497d ago

You think details like that stop Microsoft from getting their cheque book out because I don't.

sonarus1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

yea just like they paid for titanfall and it boosted sales through the roof. Then they wrote a check to cover losses after kinnect failed and drop the price of Xbox to match PS4 and as we can all see Xbox has been doing fantastic since then. Offcourse now that they have paid for tomb raider everyonne will be buying Xbox's left right and center just to play tomb raider. And now with resident evil revalations being bought, we all know every single person in Japan will become an Xbot and rush to purchase all the Xbox ones.

Microsofts plan is full proof. All hail Microsoft

Travis37081497d ago

How is that a good deal? I would rather the game be multiplat so everyone can play it...

Alsybub1497d ago

We could say that about every game ever made.

cfc781497d ago

The good news was that maybe there's a Revelations 2 on the way not a Microsoft deal I don't want 3rd parties brought I don't agree with it unless youve helped with development,I probably should of worded it better.

DarkOcelet1497d ago

Please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake please dont be fake.

nucky641497d ago

it's Capcom.....shouldn't you REALLY be saying: please be good please be good please be good please be good please be good??? LOL

DarkOcelet1497d ago

Oh well revelations was kinda good , just needed better enemies . And higher graphics .

Benjammin251497d ago

Revelations was fantastic. Bought it twice. On 3ds and Ps3. Playing on Infernal difficulty is amazing. True survival horror.

demonJAKAL1497d ago

I actually enjoyed Revelations more than 5 and 6, had more old skool Resi feel to it

Nerdmaster1497d ago

It should've been the game called Resident Evil 6. I thought it was so good that I bought it on 3DS and PC.

nucky641496d ago

wow - as good as you guys make revelations sound, I'm dying to play it!
now I'm hoping rev2 is really happening.

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equal_youth1497d ago

those enemies where so awful. i played revelations again a few days ago and the main enemies, these mutations where IMO the worst in the series. everything else was clearly better then the last few games capcom has spit out.

LAWSON721497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Hope to see it on next gen, even if it is not some next gen experience as long as it at a low price. I would not mind if they brought over the first as well. If not and this is last gen + PC, I will just get both on PC (if it is good anyways lol)

LOL_WUT1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Seems like PS4, X1 and PC only! I wonder if it'll even make it to a Nintendo platform? ;)

Edit: I meant for current gen ;)

LAWSON721497d ago

Is that why the leaked box art shows the 360 logo?

jimjam34421497d ago Show
marloc_x1497d ago

A fully featured build for Wii U,
with ZombieU-like gamepad integration.

At launch..

You gotta give a little to get a little..

marloc_x1497d ago

I mean, it's not that Nintendo fans ONLY have Nintendo consoles.

Give us a chance to buy the definitive version of this game at launch..

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TXIDarkAvenger1497d ago

Awesome news, the first game was pretty good.

PaleMoonDeath1497d ago

Please don't be an MS deal, I literally bought the HD PS3 version a month back.

MasterCornholio1497d ago

Don't even mention that because I love Resident Evil (before they screwed up the franchise).

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