No EASHL, GM Connected, OTP, or Live The Life in NHL 15 (Interview) - OperationSports

It’s official: EASHL, GM Connected, OTP, and Live the Life will not be in NHL 15.

The modes which will be in the game, will include play now, Be A Pro, Be a GM, Online Vs, Hockey Ultimate Team, and NHL Moments Live. The plan, as of right now, is to deliver Online Team Play via a patch after launch.

We sat down with Producer Sean Ramjagsingh to discuss why those modes were not included and to talk about the modes which are in the game. The discussion also turns to how to the team deals with community reactions and plans for the future of the franchise, which admittedly are quite exciting. See for yourself after the jump!

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mochachino1426d ago

Pre-order cancelled...seriously. EASHL is the only reason I buy the game.

Commodore1425d ago

Well....I was gonna have to split time between NHL and Destiny. Thanks to these lazy devs at EA, I'll be spending all my time with Destiny. No OTP at launch?