Toren – Zelda meets ICO meets The Last Guardian - New Screenshots Released

Alongside its new trailer, Swordtales has released a new set of screenshots for Toren. Toren is a dark fantasy adventure game that brings poetry to life in an epic journey about growth, discovery and overcoming great hurdles.

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DunDee9101493d ago

That description sounds epic. But yet...i'm not impressed.

XtraTrstrL1493d ago

Yeah, it sounds nice. I just wish it was more AAA-looking in visuals. Looks too indie with low polycount and bad textures. If it's good and sells for cheap, could be worth it though. Or better yet, if they give it an overhaul before release.

Seafort1493d ago

The visuals are beautiful. WTF are you on about?

I'd rather play Toren rather than some pretentious crap from Bioware.