DriveClub hands-on Gamescom gameplay videos with Thrustmaster T300 RS PS4 wheel

VVV: "Watch as Alan finds out how the latest build of DriveClub is shaping up, as he discovers all the visual and audio improvements whilst assessing how it handles with a wheel compared to a pad in our assortment of hands-on DriveClub Gamescom gameplay videos recorded with direct audio and tested with the Thrustmaster T300 RS PS4 wheel."

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Boody-Bandit1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Wow it's refreshing watching someone post videos that can actually play well. This game just keeps looking better and better for me. In the video it appears to have a PGR / GRID esque style to it.

How would you gauge the style of gameplay TeamVVV?

I'm also looking forward to comparisons between the TX 458 and T300. Other than the T300 have a larger degree of rotation I wonder if there will be any other differences.

I keep waiting for any site to start selling this wheel. I'm waiting on this T300 and the TH8A shifter. They will be in limited supply so those that want one better jump on it as soon as they are made available.

JP13691371d ago

I've been waiting for the 300 to show up online as well. Would love it if I could stick with my G27, but apparently that won't be allowed this gen. Any word on pricing in NA?

Boody-Bandit1371d ago

I believe the T300 will be $399 without a shifter or clutch pedal.

I feel you on your Logitech. I had a Fanatec CSR Elite that was compatible with the PS3, 360 and PC and I ended up selling it off to fund the TX 458 and basherboard CPX adapter so I could use my Fanatec CS V2 Pedals with the TX.

Last gen you could have one wheel for them all and now we need 2 separate wheels. It's frustrating. Hopefully Fanatec will eventually create a wheel that will be compatible for all again.

JP13691371d ago

Yeah, I might wait until the release of Project Cars to buy a wheel. Hopefully by then everyone will have released their wheels and I can make a more informed decision.

ps4fanboy1371d ago

I'm getting the 300 wheel out at the start of sept , also getting full version of DC , not long now , sounds incredible even off screen on a tablet , gonna sound sick through my pioneer amp and surround sound...
Imagine how good human controlled racing is going to be...

Cannot wait.