Diablo 3 performance comparison: Xbox One vs. PC

How does the Xbox One port of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls stand up to the PC predecessor?

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Axios21426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Looks good

That code MS used to up the resolution did wonders, 6fps drop once in 12,000 frames.

@ comments below, I wonder what these same ppl had to say about a first person shooter, KZ, changing from 1080p to a predictive algorithm for multiplayer and running mostly at 45fps?

Funantic11426d ago

When DX12 releases it'll help too. Some people say it won't do too much, but it's gonna do something. If it wouldn't do anything MS wouldn't bother putting it on the X1.

mixolydian_id1426d ago

It will make a difference.

If the CPU is the brains of the operation, then streamlining it's operation will most certainly help the system.

I'm not saying it'll make the game 10x prettier...
Im stating it'll help for DX12 coded games provide the user with a more fluid experience.

Less screen tear, quicker draw calls, streamlined frame-rate.

The GPU can only work as hard as it can but it always functions at the mercy of the CPU.

By keeping that GPU fed, we can expect better performance of the hardware.
Not better graphics.

gfk3421426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Firstly, the Xone drops as much as 8 fps in DF's video (look at around 3:34).

Your statement according to which it drops once 6fps is false, as according to DF's video the 6 fps drops is commonly for Xone's version of Diablo 3. For example, it drops 6 fps at around 1:49, around 1:54 and also between 3:31 and 4:07 (more than 30s of frame drops) there are plenty of occasions when Xone drops 6 fps.

As regards the 12,000 frames you're talking, this means a little more than 3 hours of footage. Taking into account that you need 15 hours to finish the game, there could be plenty of other occasions when the frames could drop.

Please don't forget that we are talking about Diablo 3 here, a game that is not demanding. So dropping frames in such a game is not good for Xone.

Also, please don't forget that Blizzard said that they succeeded to run from the first time the game at 1080p, but they encountered performance issues, especially with 4 players.

MS insisted to release the game in 1080p (after making a lot of optimizations). But seeing that in 1 player walkthrough the game drops frames, I wonder how it would perform with 4 players.

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Sarcasm1426d ago

Yeah a $80 GPU could run this game in 60fps on the PC. The Xbone had better run at 60fps or close to it. All in all nothing to write home about.

dantesparda1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

So resolution does "wonders" now eh? So which is it guys, resolution doesnt matter or it does wonders? And the game drops frames for about 40 secs straight in the video from 3:30 all the way til 4:10.

And to Timotim, yes many people would notice it.

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4logpc1426d ago

Since when does Polygon do this type of comparison? Have i just been under a rock and never noticed?

I think id trust DF more anyway.

incendy351426d ago

They have been doing them pretty much since they launched, sooo I hope it is a very light rock :D

timlot1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Boy I miss the days when folks could just look at a game with their eyes and judge if it looks good to them. I don't need Eurogamer and their machinery to tell me if this game looks and performs as it should. 20/20 baby.

BlackWolf121426d ago

When it benefits the Xbox One.

jimjam34421426d ago Show
ShaqSoda1426d ago

Playing Diablo on console > playing on PC

clouds51426d ago

???? Are you sure, I can't imagine that..

kingduqc1426d ago

I've played the game a year ago in 1440p 60 60 with 3 of my buddies not sure how it wasn't better then playing at lower res a year later on a controller any better.

ThanatosDMC1426d ago

I completely agree since after all it was released on the PC but the control scheme was blatantly made for consoles in mind. Limited skill combination and no hotkeys.

Volkama1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Hmm it's not simple. I actually really dislike the mouse click-to-move scheme, but I really do like the 4k stereoscopic 3D my PC can push for this game.

Controller input for the PC version would be the supreme champion, really don't know why Bliz are so stubborn in refusing that option.

Gameplay vs graphics.... it's actually quite a tough call! Fortunately I don't like the game very much, so it is not a decision I will be forced to make.

Letros1426d ago

Stop spreading diabetes.

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