IGN: Too Human Blog: End Game Approaches

Denis Dyack, Director of Too Human, writes:

"In the last play through, I decided to try a "Cybernetic Bioengineer Skuld's Embrace Shooting Variant." What does this mean? Through the combination of skill selection in my skill trees I was able to create a kiting shooting class that not only is a healer, but turned enemies to fight each other at the same time. Oh the chaos! Not only did I find this effective, but also significantly different from almost everything else I have tried in the game."

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Fallen_Angel3838d ago

this is one game I cant wait to play

kwicksandz3837d ago

I loved diablo and diabo 3 has yet to be announced so this can serve as a good stop gap. I hear its sposed to be a trilogy so im expecting a good storyline as well.

jkhan3837d ago

Hopefully they will fix the jerky animations. The game looks pretty good. Hopefully it will do good.

ip-student3837d ago

There are no camera issues - too many games I have played have silly camera issues that should not be there. Not matter what position I am in I should not see the wall or a tree between the screen and the player when look at my player - the crap between my avatar and me should be at least made translucent if you cannot remove it from my view. I have no problem with going for a slight tighter shot but really even that is not neccessary.

Superfragilistic3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Have you ever played Eternal Darkness?

Best camera ever.

That's the least of my Too Human worries... oh and there's eight different camera angles to choose from plus a toggled first person view and a Diablo birds eye view. :)

Kyrue3837d ago

This game is going to be so cool, I'm buying it day one. I'm also wondering if there will be a PC version (not sure if there is or not). This style of game would be so fun to play on PC, like Diablo 2 =)

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