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Sony Making Play For Its PS3 Console

The video game console cycle typically lasts about five years before a new generation of hardware hits the market. Sony brought the PS3 to market more than six years after its predecessor, the PlayStation 2, debuted. By contrast, Microsoft replaced its original Xbox with the Xbox 360 after just four years.

IDC predicts the worldwide installed base of PS3 consoles will reach 23.8 million this year, up from 8.5 million last year. It projects Xbox 360 hitting 26.3 million, vs. 17.8 million in 2007.

Both, however, will trail Nintendo's value-priced Wii video game console, which is targeting casual gamers instead of the hard-core gamers Sony and Microsoft are pursuing. IDC forecasts the Wii reaching a worldwide installed base this year of 43.7 million, compared with 19.9 million last year. (Industry, PS3)

eagle21  +   2722d ago
Where is bladestar? (I am asking)
cause yesterday, you said: "do u know how many years it's going to take the ??? to catch up to the ???....lol"

More like months....
PoSTedUP  +   2722d ago
its common sense that the ps3 will catch up quickly. they are sony.

and in the future... FORGET ABOUT IT.
eagle21  +   2722d ago
@posted up below..??? ...I thought you meant forget about what he says or something. I agreed with you.

Anyway, I feel this summer is a RELAUNCH for PS3 in North America. It will be fun to watch.
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PoSTedUP  +   2722d ago
? ?
oh nah dogg, i meant forget about the PS3 sales in the future...lol...there gunna be crazy high!

yes! a relaunch! i like the way that sounds. it also makes sense yo. good sh*t. *bubbles* 4 u
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butterfinger  +   2722d ago
there's no doubt that the PS3 has a ton of momentum right now, but it will be interesting to see if Wii sales ever slow down.
killax3563  +   2722d ago
A Play?
A play for the ps3? What play Mary Poppins? J/k

BTW, I was shocked when I read:

'IDC predicts the worldwide installed base of PS3 consoles will reach 23.8 million this year, up from 8.5 million last year....'

That's a jump of 15.4 million or 1.27 million ps3 per month! Wow, that's a lot of ps3 sales ***IN ONE YEAR***.
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mikeslemonade  +   2722d ago
Did you know Bladestar failed math and economics in highschool?

I don't think PS3 will match 360 sales by the end of the year but it will surpass it by the end of 2009 guranteed.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2722d ago
"Others disagree. Van Baker, an analyst with research firm Gartner, says Microsoft has too much of a head start and would cut its console prices to stay ahead of Sony."
butterfinger  +   2722d ago
What was the point of that post, gec? How about this one, "Others disagree, but the Wii will no longer be sold after tomorrow and Microsoft will recall all 360's to fix the RROD." If you think your chosen analyst is right because he likes the 360 then you should just chill in the open zone or comment about this article. I can't stand your sad fanboyism, you're constantly trolling.
Aclay  +   2722d ago
I just don't get it, why is it that cheapest Xbox 360 model starting at $279.99 (only $30 bucks more than the Wii) isn't selling 300,000+ units every month in the United States.

The Xbox 360 just BARELY outsold the PS3 in April by just 900 consoles and in May, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 by 20,000+ units and the Playstation 3 still is the more expensive console selling at a $400+ dollar price point for the cheapest console. It's obvious that people are choosing the Playstation 3 for a reason and I think that it's because a lot of the Playstation brand loyalty is remaining intact.

But I do believe that Sony could easily outsell the Xbox 360 by just staying out in the market longer just like the Analyst stated. Microsoft said that the Xbox 360 will have "a longer tail" than the first Xbox, but I honestly don't expect the 360 to be out on the market for no more than 4-5 more years. The PS3 will be out on the market for another 7-8 years at least due to the 10 year lifecycle and because of the fact that the PS3 is literally future proof.
Denzelio  +   2722d ago
the real question is will the WII even last 5 years. they just released all their exclusives and all we are left with getting now is shovelware.
karlostomy  +   2722d ago
so ...um..
Goddam where do they find these analysts? In the rehab centres?

If the ps3 wants to get to 23.5 mill sold by the end of 2008, they will need to sell 11.5 million units in the next six months. (oh dear)

Someone at IDC has been smoking the crack pipe and will be looking for a new job shortly methinks ;P
PoSTedUP  +   2722d ago
he pointed out the obvious!!!

this analyst is completely retarded!......ahhhhhhgagagaga ga <-----(pop-eye the sailor man laugh)
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name  +   2722d ago
My estimation is the PS3 will sell about 50-60 million units at the end of it's life cycle. With the 360 at around 40. And the wii at around 70.
name  +   2722d ago
@ aclayps3
The "price" appeal has already been taken by the wii/ds. People who are real hardcore gamers aren't gonna base their decision of what console they want on it's price. The Ps3's previous price of 600 dollars was just out of the range of fathomable, so it took a plunge from it. However, the PS3's price as it stands now is just reasonable enough for people to save up for an extra week to afford it.

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