PlayStation Store Update 08/19/2014

PlayStation Store Update for 08/19/2014

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Relientk771497d ago

They need to throw some new demos my way -_-

SilentNegotiator1496d ago

They don't even have a ps4 version of the Rayman Legends demo on there. I wanted to play the Black Betty level again last night before buying a copy today, but was shocked to see it wasn't there.

migrateddoor1497d ago

When can we pre-order Metro Redux jeez

Saelyn1497d ago

Mm. thing to look forward to at least is themes when it becomes possible to use them on PS4

DanteVFenris6661497d ago

Woot finally I get to try diablo, should be fun


Rygar was the game back in the days at the arcade...i know a few glitches

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