Back to Bed Review | TGH

Leo McCloskey writes on TheGamersHub:
"In a world of flying bowler hats, walking alarm clocks, and floating eyeballs, it’s easy to lose yourself in Back to Bed‘s surrealist leanings. Filled with weary pastel colourings, melty clocks, and imperceptible staircases, Back to Bed is doubtless among the most visually interesting indie releases of the year to date. As striking as its ocular eccentricities are, though, it’s through its mechanical simplicity that Back to Bed endures.

"That’s not to disregarded what is an absorbing world, though. Back to bed is a land of Escher staircases, floating platforms and dreamy narration with, interestingly, a slightly Danish lilt (because developer Bedtime Digital is Danish). I’ve heard it best described recently as sleepy-backwards talk and I’m not smart enough to think of a better description so there it is."

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