Goodbye GameJunkie, one of the last great indie-owned game stores

Gamertell says "Goodbye" to the last independently-owned videogame store in Cincinnati, Ohio. From the Gamertell article:

"Damn recession. Damn retail chains. Damn through-the-mail game services. You are all crushing the life out of privately owned, independent videogame shops.

GameJunkie, which opened five years ago, took a refreshingly intimate approach to videogames and game sales, putting together tournaments that could be attended by both kids and adults and making the store a gathering place for teens and singles on weekend nights. They had hoped the tourneys would make them unique - which it did - but it didn't quite bring in the big bucks."

Instead of a sappy farewell, the store is throwing a "Grand Closing Event" June 13 through 15, 2008. Cake and other party style treats will be provided. The store will lock its doors for good on June 29, 2008.

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