PlayStation = Hardcore, Xbox = Casual, Nintendo = Kiddie?

The author tackles the stereotypes associated with console manufacturer and tries to determine if such labels are accurate.

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cfc781494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

A gamers a gamer I don't see the need for hardcore gamers or real gamers or casual gamers but in the sense of the article if someone buys a Playstation and only uses it on weekends are they still hardcore gamers while someone who buys an XB and uses it daily are they casual gamers? I see no reason to categorize fans by which console they buy or the games they play.

ABizzel11494d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

PlayStation = Diversity
Xbox = Pop Culture Gaming
NIntendo = Family & Friends

mikeslemonade1493d ago

PlayStation is Lebron James


Xbox is Paul George


Nintendo is Ricky Rubio

PlayStation is Peyton Manning


Xbox is Matthew Stafford


Nintendo is Michael Sam

bouzebbal1493d ago

all 3 are consoles for gamers, all depends on the tastes of everyone. i will give credit to Wii U for the diversity and family oriented games.

donthate1493d ago

I think this article is quite off, considering they are saying multiplayer is a social thing and therefore really isn't hardcore.

Yet, the article suggest single player games is defined as hardcore.

I have seen many different definitions of hardcore gamer, such as type of games played, even genres or length of time spent gaming, but divide it by multiplayer and single player is the most ridiculous thiing I have ever heard.

By that definition, technically the Wii U is the most hardcore, because it has the least multiplayer games and barely has an online infrastructure relative to the other consoles.

In fact, most of it's games are indeed single player!!!

Playstation: core gamers
Xbox: core & family
Wii U: family

Of course this is more US/Europe centric than let say if you are in Japan, which simply is almost impossible for a US based gaming console to appeal to.

This is also of course based on "image" and not actuality, because frankly we do NOT know what core or hardcore gamer really is. There is no proper definition yet.

mcstorm1493d ago

@cfc78 your spot on. I am a core gamer and I own a WiiU and Xbox one but don't own a PS4 yet but will do when the games I want come out for it.

Also this Casual vs Core is a silly argument as in a way there are more casual gamers than core out there so for all we know more casual gamers could of picked up a PS4 then an Xbox One or WiiU.

Gaming is not the same type of market it once was back when we had the NES, SNES and PSX as gaming is now the cool thing to be doing where back in the 70s, 80s and 90s it was still a geek thing but now its the cool thing a little bit like a IPhone or IPod.

This is not a bad thing for gaming as it keeps the industry going but it has become bad in some ways as we have more YOY games then ever and some games that should sell better than they have are over looked because of this.

For me the PS4 is for GT, UC, LBP ect as well as 3rd party games.

The Xbox one is for Halo, Gears, Forza ect as well as 3rd party games.

The WiiU is for Mario, Super Smash Bros, Zelda ect but 3rd party is not really a big thing on this console.

All 3 have amazing must own IP's it just depends on what games you are into to which console you should get.

Like I said I have a Xbox one as I wanted Forza 5, Titan Fall and KI, The WiiU for New Super Mario BrosU, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Windwaker and more I own.
The PS4 has not got any games I want on it at the moment that are not available on the WiiU or Xbox One but when Driver Club, LBP, UC ect come along I will pickup a PS4.

Everyone should enjoy the console they have and get the console that has the most games they want or if you just like to play MP games like cod ect with your mates get the one most of your mates have.

All this fan boy and console ware things are just over the top and really not needed.

LonDonE1493d ago

Agreed i wish everyone could afford to buy every platform instead of limiting themselves and missing out on some awesome games which EVERY platform has!

I think core or casual doesn't matter as long as you love gaming! and are buying games and the games platforms which in turn is putting money back into the industry. its the fanboys who are the vermin of the industry! and who have lately made the hobby we all love not a very pleasant place.

xHeavYx1493d ago

Bad comparison, as LeBron and Manning got beaten really bad in the Finals

sonarus1493d ago

i certainly wouldnt say playstation is hardcore. If anything that would be the Xbox label only they decided to shoot themselves in the foot by claiming graphics aren't important. Now that they are getting crushed in sales since everyone knows ps4 is more powerful they want to start sacrificing frame rate for resolution just so they can CLAIM to be on equal footing with playstation smdh.

PS for me just has my favorite games. Metal gear solid, god of war, gran turismo, uncharted, madden. All these games i would buy day one on any console and would probably buy a console just to play those games. For me pS4 has all of them Xbox only has 2. The indy titles, little big planet, knack, all that shows ps4 is trying to target the widest audience possible.

Xbox to me is the shooter console. Halo, call of duty, gears of war. Point shoot point shoot point shoot. There aren't any solid action adventure platformers like uncharted, no epic brutal games like god of war, they do have forza to match gran turismo though.

Minato-Namikaze1493d ago

There is a real need to label. My gaming tastes are completely different from a casual player, les companies believe all i want is games recycled or wii sports.

Kribwalker1493d ago

I have a bunch of friends that don't game much that have bought PS4s off of the name alone, just because it's playstation. They'll play once in a while and that's about it. A couple of my friends that have ps4 are hardcore, but definitely not many. Then I have a core group of friends who have bought X1s that play all the time. We play madden tourneys, titanfall COD battlefield, and so on all the time. Mix that with MLG being mostly on X1 for consoles and my opinion and experience tells me x1 is more hardcore.

Baccra171493d ago

And thinking like that is the reason why we have game companies jumping to candy crush and cellphone games.

BigShotSmoov0071493d ago

Stop using logic up in here, it will get you a lot of dislikes around these here parts.

Ezz20131493d ago

let me try

PlayStation = Gamers
Xbox = Gamers
NIntendo = Gamers

DarthZoolu1493d ago

How is PlayStation for the hardcore? What are they playing?

mattdillahunty1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

calling a system or a game hardcore or casual isn't really accurate. it's about how you approach the game. i could casually play something like Dark Souls, just by messing around with it in my spare time, not caring about what builds are good, having fun, maybe dying a lot, w/e. but i could spend 8 hours a day playing Farmville or Angry Birds (believe me, i don't lol), thinking of all the best strategies, coming up with new ideas, posting on forums about the game, etc.

in both instances, it would be the player who is hardcore/casual, not the game. sure, there are platforms where more hardcore/casual gamers tend to go to, but it's the gamers themselves and their mindsets/actions that are hardcore or casual. not games, platforms, or services.

as far as the title, i think Playstation and Xbox are close to even as far as hardcore and casual player base, and i'd put Nintendo under them since they tend to draw in more casual, laid-back gamers. they still have the occasional game that draws in the hardcore crowd (like Smash), but not as many as the other two consoles.

CertifiedGamer1492d ago

Apparently you don't know how statistics work, but the mean of PS4 fans is Hardcore meaning the majority. That doesn't mean their arent any hardcore fans on other consoles.

ShinMaster1492d ago

@ ABizzel1

I think there's some truth to that, but it's not an absolute.
There's definitely one of each kind on all 3.

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BiggerBoss1493d ago

Where I live this is pretty much the case. The people who play Xbox only use it for games like FIFA, whereas the relatively few PS gamers (they've increased in number since Ps4 released) in my area are def more "hardcore". However I won't say this is the case everywhere

Magicite1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Playstation stands for variety/diversity.

mixolydian_id1493d ago

I only know casuals who play on Playstation

Spotie1493d ago

Somebody who takes every opportunity to make sure the XB1 looks, sounds, or just SEEMS better than the PS4 would make the PS4 crowd seem less into games based on "personal" experience?

Never saw that coming. /s

I don't think you can label the entire base of any one crowd. However, you CAN look at the overall image, intent, library, etc., and say this.

The PS4 is about games. That's its primary focus, and it's built for that. It sports and promotes a variety of titles, with at least one exclusive in every genre.

The XB1 came out of the gate targeting the casual gaming audience. There's no other way to explain such a heavy focus on TV and sports programming. That's changed since... though they're not really making the right moves to get them back in the game. Or rather, they seem intent in continuing to make the wrong moves.

With the Wii U, I wouldn't call it kiddie. Instead, I'd say it has a heavy focus on being family friendly. This has pretty much always been a staple for Nintendo, though now it's nearly to the exclusion of all else. And that's their problem, though it's getting a little better: they don't have much to entice people outside that group.

mixolydian_id1493d ago


Just what was wrong with what I said?

Personal experience is far more valuable then PR bumph.

Your right about not pigeon holing an entire fan base of course. But I wasn't doing that I just stated my own understanding.

Nothing wrong with targeting the casual gaming audience, after all they completely out number the hardcore players. Remind me again who doesn't target the casual gamer?

Get back of your high horse and remember as a consumer, your purchase is no more valuable to then then everyone else. Doesn't matter if you play a game for an hr or a year, iff it was paid for, they couldn't give a toss.

The first paragraph you posted sums up the hypocrisy within your post. Bash everything else PS4 has nothing wrong with it.

MysticStrummer1493d ago

"Personal experience is far more valuable then PR bumpy."

Ok. From my personal experience no one wants either XB1 or WiiU, so all gamers play only on PS.

mixolydian_id1493d ago

Strummer - I'm not that ignorant bro
If you are and that's what you really think, then surely you just have no friends

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styferion1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

more like

Playstation: Diverse genre, ranging from mainstream to niche hardcore.
Xbox: multiplayer/social focused.
Nintendo: Light-hearted, family

700p1493d ago

Well all consoles have hardcore/casuals/and "kiddie" and family type of games. Atm sony is pushing the casual gamers and hardcore buying there products. Xbox is pushing hardcore and some casuals to buy there products and nintendo has all of the above currently.

strangeaeon1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Sorry, but WTF is hardcore about a console? Mainly a console gamer myself but damn man, don't be so daft. And it's not hardcore, but IF I were to pick one it would be the Xbox brand due to competitive multiplayer being so prevalent.

3-4-51493d ago

I'm 29, I play Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft consoles & Handhelds along with PC games as well.

Pretty sure that just disproves this entire article.


Sony likes to talk the talk. they need to walk the walk.

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Emanno1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Very true.

Septic1493d ago

Not at all. Not here in the UK anyway from my observation. In fact, traditionally, the Sony brand has been more mainstream whereas the Xbox crowd have been more hardcore.

Immorals1493d ago

Southampton seems more XBox orientated than ps4 as far as I've noticed. Same for the part of Surrey I lived in

GodGinrai1493d ago

I live in london. whether I was at university, work or its just people I know...most of them own xboxs. So I guess london is xbox country?

Septic1493d ago


I live in London too. My observations were quite different lol. Ah well :P

MRMagoo1231493d ago

Hard core in what way ? This hard core casual crap is all just bs imo.

From my personal experience when I was just in the UK visiting family in Stevenage was that the ps4 has basically taken back over, most ppl that owned a 360 I knew including family and friends have gone to ps4 this time.

djplonker1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


The 360 was the hardcore choice in scotland but this gen it has shifted to ps4 by a huge margin amongst my friends!

Shinox1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Are you kidding me ?
Have you forgotten the PS1 / PS2 ?
The Xbox brand as a whole is built from Casual FPS games so don't even try
Praising the Dudebro console as a Hardcore you say , nice try >_>

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SaveFerris1494d ago

I'd say Nintendo is for the young, and the young at heart. Xbox is the dudebro console of choice (shooters, sports, racing). Playstation is the jack of all trades.

LonDonE1493d ago

Agreed you put it perfectly!

Starbucks_Fan1494d ago

Nintendo is more family- kids and adults

Metallox1494d ago

Nintendo makes games for everyone, games that can be enjoyed A LOT by both kids and adults.

UnceasingElias1493d ago

I agree with you. The reason why peaple think Nintendos games are for kids is because they look cartoony which don't reflect the gameplay in any way.

jts18911492d ago

No. People think Nintendo games are for kids because of the shallow characters and stories, the simplistic (If challenging) gameplay, the 'sanitized' feel of the games, and finally the art style. It's not just about the fact that they look 'cartoony'. I can think of a number of titles that have the same look, but are unarguably geared toward older demographics.

Big_Game_Hunters1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

wot? lol find me one game on PS harder than Dk tropical freeze or W101, and please for the love of god don't you casuals say the souls games.

Also PC= most hardcore
nothing else reaches that title because nothing else has hardcore competitive games like quake, DOTA2, or Starcraft.

fathoms1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Yeah, newsflash for the elitists of the world: A game's difficulty doesn't automatically make it hardcore, nor does it mean that anyone who doesn't play them can't be hardcore.

MRMagoo1231493d ago

Harder than tropical freeze to beat you mean? Was it that hard ? I didn't find it hard, about as hard as knack on normal I think.

lefty1493d ago

He said hard not hard to look at

360ICE1493d ago

Is Tropical Freeze really harder than Demon's Souls?

Well, if you turn up the difficulty, then I guess...

Resogun, WipEout HD, The Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid 4 come to mind, and more indies than I care to keep track of.

deafdani1493d ago

I played TLOU and MGS4. Playing TLOU again o Survivor. They're definitely easier than Tropical Freeze.


360ICE1493d ago

Get with the program! Grounded is where its at.

That being said, I'd like to try Tropical Freeze properly some time, if it's as hard you guys say it is. I love Prinny, Super Meat Boy and other hard platform games.

If it's harder than MGS4 on The Boss Extreme, then it might even be too much.

deafdani1492d ago

@360ICE: I haven't played MGS4 on that difficulty, I was just talking about default difficulty settings (and Survivor in TLOU's case).

Anyway, I can tell you that yes, it's harder than the games I mentioned, but it's definitely easier than Super Meat Boy. Haven't played Prinny, though.

360ICE1492d ago

I don't think I'd say Super Meat Boy is harder than Demon's Souls, at least. Or MGS4, for that matter. WipEout HD doesn't have to be THAT hard, but getting all the trophies for instance, is damn near impossible.

The reason I mentioned The Last of Us and MGS4, is because these are games where they don't just tweak health stats, but go an extra mile to make the higher difficulties more interesting.

Prinny is great too. Basically, they give you 1000 attempts to beat the game (or you have to restart from the beginning), and you might have trouble doing so :)

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CervantesPR1493d ago

NO, fighting games are the most competitive games than anything on PC or in gaming period. They always have been always will.

I only have one bubble so if anyone can help me get more by up id appreciate it.

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